Saturday, August 07, 2004

"Twelve Days and Counting"

This summer has gone so fast. I have only 12 days before school starts. My children's school shopping is finished, (Thank God!). I have carefully labeled each of their supplies and packed their hello kitty and ninja turtle bookbags. Every morning when I wake up, I wish it was the same day over and over until I've had a perfect summer the movie Groundhog's day.

I received my financial aid package in the mail. OMG! They gave me an extra $17,000. In a way I want to turn cartwheels. But I know that within six months of graduation, somebody is going to have to pay back the money. It would really be nice to have the money because I could pay for my new dental crown ($1500), I could get the damage to my car fixed from the accident that I had last summer ($500), I could buy new glasses (?), pay my house note ($450), and car note ($402). There are also a few frivolous things I could do like...go on vacation, have a shopping spree at the local mall, new carpet in my house, a day at the spa. Okay, okay...back to reality.

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