Friday, September 17, 2004

Back in the Saddle Again!

Hello Friends,

I haven't written in so long. Class is going well. I am really enjoying my electives this term which happen to be African American Literature and the History of Theatre. I don't always enjoy clinical. There is one kid in particular. She is so annoying. Whenever my clinical instructor asks me a question she is always waiting to correct me, or answer in my behalf. I guess that's what I get for going to a school with kids that are so competitive.

So how am I doing? I passed my med math test. At least one of them anyway. I can pass meds in Peds, but not in OB. The day that I took my OB math test the second time, the teacher left us in the room alone. As always, I am the last to complete my test. There was one other girl in the room with me. She finished her test before me and when I went to turn in my test she was standing there looking through the pile of everyone else's tests. She realized that she missed one. I missed one too, but I wanted to turn in my test and leave. She said, "I don't feel like taking this test over again...I'm changing my answer." It sounded so easy, I could change my answer too. No one would know. The other girl returned to her seat and changed her answers. She looked to me and said, "Go ahead, change your answers, why do you think she left us alone?" I looked at my test one more time. It was at that moment that I decided that my integrity was worth more than a 100% on a test. I placed my paper on the stack and left with my integrity in tact. I know I made the right choice. I will just take the test again.

When I arrived to Peds clinical, my instructor congratulated me on passing the Peds test 100% I felt pretty good about this test. When I sat down in Peds class I told my self, "I will not let this test beat me." And it didn't. My instructor is very laid back. I can't believe how laid back she is. On my first day of clinical, she let me pass meds independently. That is so different than my first year of clinical, where I had to discuss the medication and do the 5 rights of medication administration under the watchful eye of the clinical instructor. My first night I almost gave a 3 year old 100mg of Colace. She caught it that time. One of my peers gave a 4 year old juvenile diabetic 2 units of regular insulin and 4 units of nph. It seemed like a pretty scary situation. The child's blood glucose level was 400 at the time of dose. But a incident report still had to be filled out and my student colleague was emotionally crushed.

I haven't really got to see too much in Labor in delivery yet. We are starting in the postpartum unit. That's fine with me. I haven't learned quite enough about labor and delivery yet and as a side note, I am becoming a pro at neonate assessment. In Peds, I am already taking care of kids. That is the easy part. It's the parents that make peds challenging. Mom wants the morphine now, it doesn't matter that morphine is a narcotic that requires two signatures, and that I need to find another nurse to get the medicine out of the pixis. Mom doesn't want the baby awakened for an assessment. She has been poked and prodded by the residents, and the specialists, and the other peripheral medical staff and now here I come. Or Mom and Dad are at the bedside. Here comes Aunt Ophelia who is dissatisfied with the room's appearance. She wants ME to get a bucket and clean the bedrails, she wants to know why we are not collecting his urine. She wants jello, and when I get to the room with that she no longer wants jello she wants apple juice, make that a straw, no a spoon. No pleases or thank yous, just hurry up! I will adjust.

I am not feeling overwhelmed yet. The kids are doing well. The are enjoying school and in my free time, I will try my best to encourage them. I started a new diet. So far, I have lost seven pounds. I am feeling better already, and it has only been about two weeks. Well, I've got 100 things to do. Talk to you again when I get a chance.

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