Sunday, September 26, 2004

What's wrong with the world?

Alright world,

What's wrong with you? Why are you so rude at the grocery store? I don't understand why you are frowning and short with the words you speak. I am not a rude customer, I say "please" and "thank you". Yet and still you act as though you have a stick up your butt. Okay, so I don't have my advantage card. Will they be taking my savings directly out of your paycheck? My sister-in-law wants to use my advantage card. What do you care? Just scan the damn card and move on. Life is too short. If you are having a bad day, feel free to say so. I can understand that a whole lot better than your nastiness...

And you at the gym. What's your problem? Okay, so people are taking advantage of the facility by letting their friends come in and use their card. What does that have to do with me? I pay for my memebership just like everyone else. I should not have to go through the third degree because other people abuse the system. And you talk to me as though I am a child. I have lived on this earth for a complete 32 years and you insult my intelligence by telling me that you are protecting the children. This is the YMCA, doesn't the C stand for Christian? Perhaps before you seek to condemn a member for something so trivial as an ID card, you should ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?" My kid left her Id card in her bookbag, which she left at home. I have my driver's license. Just look up her ID card and let the child go to her swim class.

People, lighten up. Smile every once in a while, I swear it won't kill you and you might even like it.

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