Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Happy New Year and all that Jazz...

Welcome 2005!

I am so happy to be here. I am embarking on my fourth semester of nursing school, and can I tell you that I am loving it? About a month ago I had wrote this elaborate post about this stubborn ass tree that sits in the middle of campus that in late November, still had leaves...(which is a profound occurrence in the Midwest, to me anyway). I had wrote about the beauty of living in an area that has seasons, and how everything about Fall semester ended on a pretty good note. I also wrote about the highlight of the semester when a woman came in to deliver a baby all by herself. My heart would not allow me to leave her, so with permission, I stayed an additional 4 hours after my clinical shift ended. I helped her to cope with labor and watched her bring her baby girl into the world. She had a complicated delivery. Her baby suffered from nuchal cord. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck three times. It was the best post ever. Just as I was waiting for the message to post, the computer crashed and I was unable to recover the message. In my frustration, I decided that perhaps the message that I toiled over just wasn't meant to be seen and that I should come back and write on a day when I have just a little more patience.

Last semester was a fun, challenging and somewhat disappointing semester. I got good grades, but not as good as I wanted. Though highly anticipated, Peds and OB were not quite what I expected. I learned that Peds may not be for me...the children are great but it is very stressful for the parents, and that in and of itself makes for a hostile learning environment for which I am not sure that I have the patience to endure. Obstetrical nursing is a lot of sitting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Interesting, but not for me. I need something with a little more nursing action. Soon we will start doing critical care and acute care nursing.

I decided to start with acute care and my assignment will be in the ER. I know this sounds silly, but I have been watching episodes of ER on TNT and the urgent care shows on Discovery Health so that I could get used to the terminology and start making logical connections. I can't wait to come back and tell you all about that. My Peds instructor told me that I would be a great Peds nurse, which I found to be rather shocking given our history. She advised that I should stay away from the ICU's, because I will have a broken heart on a regular basis. She picked up on the fact that I treat my patients will love and compassion, and that I have a tendency to get very attached. This makes me a little apprehensive about the critical care rotation, but I think I will find a way to handle it. Nursing is my passion.

The holiday was really great. I spent a lot of time with my children and family. I am going to spend the rest of the week catching up the laundry and getting the household ready for my return to school. Did I mention that I got an engagement ring for Christmas? The love of my life gave me a beautiful ring. For the past week I have spent a good deal of my spare time admiring my ring and my new fiance. Doing this blog thing is so tricky. I want to share so much more, but then I realize that if I do, someone may figure out who I am. But then again, based on the information that I have given already, it wouldn't be that hard. Enough paranoia, I'm going to bed. Talk again soon.

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