Thursday, April 28, 2005

Nursing makes you lose weight...who knew?

Today I climbed up on the scale to find, (to my amazement), that I have lost ten pounds. I thought I'd check it out because one of my peer thought I looked slimmer. I'll take it and somehow try to keep it going. My critical care exam went relatively well, but it appears that I won't be getting my sparkling "A". Ah well, perhaps it was meant to "B" pun intended. Tomorrow's presentation is set and ready to go. I am presently working on one last project and then, I have an online exam and then two more in-class exams and the summer school. You see, it never ends.

I am going to study abroad despite the advice I have received telling me I shouldn't. I think that I will learn more than I ever could because I can focus and I am out of my comfort zone. I am hoping that this will instill a sense of independence in my son as an added bonus. I guess we'll see about that. Shhh! I'm not telling him until July, that way he will focus on more important matters.

We had a lot of fun today. We went out shopping for a bed for my daughter, then we stopped by my Mom's for a quick visit. Then, our little family went to the Chinese buffet with my kids, my fiance and my two nieces. Everyone had a really great time talking and trying out different foods that were on display. Our family is pretty well known at this establishment because I find that cooking is a pain in the butt when you have 1,000 other things to do. And besides, no dishes for me to wash.

After reading over my blog, I realize that I do quite a bit of complaining. Despite appearances, I must honestly say, I do enjoy nursing. I think love is a better word to use to describe my relationship with nursing, but I genuinely feel that there should be some sort of people skills class included in our curriculum. Just because I have noticed (from reading other student nurse blogs) that we nurses have a tendency to take feedback more personally and some of us need some help on giving feedback more constructively.

Anyway, I will enjoy learning Spanish this summer. I hope that I find it to be useful in my travels as a professional nurse. I have always wondered if having a 4.0 GPA is important after graduating nursing school. I guess as long as you pass the state boards you will be okay. I should probably sleep a little before the morning chase begins.


chattypattycrna2b said...

Hi Nurse Diva!

I will be entering nursing school this Fall 2005 and right now I'm currently taking Micro during the summer. I have a few questions for you: Can you give me some detailed tips on the best way to study and get A's in nursing school? I'm married with 3 children and I'm scared that it will be hard for me and I really don't want to just make C's (especially since chemistry has really pulled down my GPA). My other question is I really want to take Spanish as well while in nursing school. I'd like to take at least 3 courses in it, so that I will be able to read and write as well as speak the language. Do you think this will be difficult? How many classes of it have you taken and did you take any while taking nursing classes at the same time?

Thanks for your time. It's great that you're able to "blog" your experiences and keep a great GPA along with it.

Nurse Diva Extraordinaire said...

Congrats on going to school! This is a great thing, and despite what people say it can be done with a family. Nursing is very rewarding. Get ready for an adventure. Don't let anything stand in your way.

The best way get the sparkling "A" in nursing is make it interesting and be focused. There will be times when you have to drop into your studies. That means no sleep, driving while using flashcards, etc. Crazy stuff like that.

The sacrifices are many, but you won't have much spare time when you decide drop into your studies. Attend as many organized study groups as possible. Especially if they are facilitated by the prof. Many times they use the test/or mock test as review material.

Often times I used my children and fiancé as models,(they love the attention), for assessment and anatomy practice. Be creative and pace yourself. When you get tired of studying, stop.

Don't be afraid to schedule time with your profs during office hours. Not only will they be glad to see you, but it shows that you are genuinely dedicated to your studies.

Developing a relationship with your profs can also provide them with more information about you besides being just a name on a list. It will give you a person to ask for a letter of recommendation if you need one.

Make time in your schedule for fun with your kids and your husband. I have pretty good grades and I thought I would have straight A's all the time. I don't. My GPA is just beneath 3.5, I believe I will make it after this semester.

I had to tell myself it's okay to get a "B" and given that we have a families a "C" is okay (once in a while). Always do your best.

About Spanish. Learning to speak Spanish is something very important to me. I took my Spanish 101 class during the first fall semester in nursing school, along with three other nursing classes and 8 hours of clinical a week. If I only had the Spanish class to focus on, I probably would have gotten an "A", but I got a "B". But I took 18 credit hours that semester too! Nursing classes are first priority.

Then I waited a year an a half before I took my second class (Spanish 102). I took this class along with nursing classes and 25 hours of clinical a week. I thought that I had forgotten everything I learned in my first class. And I had forgotten alot, but I caught on quickly. Then this summer I took 201 and 202 at the same time because I am going to South America. That was a little crazy, but I did well.

I have been a little more agressive in learning Spanish than most, so it is hard to say that you should follow my example. My advisor told me that it couldn't be done. I did it because I was determined to do it and honestly there were moments where I thought about quitting. My best advice would be to try it and evaluate how you feel. If you feel too overwhelmed, drop it but do it before drop/add ends. I say get a good day planner and go for it!

Feel free to keep in touch. I would be willing to help out with care plans, or any thing else that may help you down the road. I check my blog pretty regular, and we student moms need as much support as we can get!


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