Saturday, April 16, 2005

Today the Diva is PISSED OFF!

Okay, I am sharing with you all today because I am mad, and I can't say exactly how I feel to the party that I am mad at until I get this off my chest.

This whole thing starts off with a class that we are taking in nursing school. The assignment was to find a nursing procedure, take each step and find the evidenced based rationale and then come up with two discussion questions for a 10 minute presentation. Simple, right? No! This is a group project. I and three other of my esteemed classmates are working together. I thought that I would be proactive and start looking for articles. I found ten. One day after class, we were all talking about how to proceed with the project, our topic was indwelling urinary catheters. I suggested that our class discussion questions pertain to infection control and rationales for catheter use because most of the articles talked about these two topics at length. Most of us are in clinicals for 12 hours at a time or everyday for 8 hours because we have to complete 150 before the end of the semester. Everyone was in agreement with the plan.

They asked that I forward the articles that I found so that we could start working on the project, which was fine with me. I chose the longest article which was 50 pages in length. One of the members of the group had a problem with my work because she is a "perfectionist". She had to send and email to the professor to clarify the terms of the project, this I have no problem with. She re-did all of my research and disregarded anything that I contributed to the project. She accused me of taking over the project. Needless to say, I am pissed off. Why wasn't my work good enough? These aren't women that I am working with for the first time, this one woman (in particular) is one that I thought I was very close to. We are the oldest students in the class, we are the most consciencious. The other two women are also wondering what the hell is wrong with this lady.

My feelings are hurt. Even though I am a Diva, I am very sensitive to other's feelings and I never had any intention of taking over. I share and give of my self without reservation. She said that it's not like she doesn't think that what I have is not good, but that she really needs a good grade. I guess the Nurse Diva is going to have to be a Nurse Bitch and let this person have it on Monday. She is guilty of what it is that she is accusing me of. I am not a bad student. For the most part I have A's and a few B's, but hey I'll be the first to admit that I am not perfect.

I had 12.5 hours of clinical today. I had a patient who was 51 years old and a victim of diabetes insipidus. She was blind, had renal insufficiency and an insulin drip. That was loads of fun. I am a little disappointed because that I thought that I would get to take care of patients on a respirator. You know, the non-communicative patients that are very, very sick. But since cold and flu season is over, there aren't very many people on the vent. It is now GI bleed season, and of course MI season. I guess I'll get back to work on this stupid project, I hope that this lady thinks that my contribution is acceptable.

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