Sunday, June 05, 2005

It's 10:48pm and all is well...

Summer classes are going well. The family is doing well. Adjusting to my hair...well, it's coming along. I really am beginning to like my new hairstyle. I am spending time with the family, which is something that I have had to give up for a while. I think that my family is appreciating the time spent. We went on a picnic, and to the pool, and to the park. I can't wait for summer. I decided to take two classes in a sequence at the same time. I know, it sounds crazy, but I think I can handle it. It turns out I will have to master two chapters in a week, prepare two presentations a week and take two exams a week for the next five weeks. The I am free for the rest of the summer. I can do it!

Last night I was talking to my children, nieces, nephews and a few kids from the neighborhood. I am finding that kids these days know a whole lot more about sex than one would think. One of my neighbors kids told me that her mother had sex three times because she had three children. That is a logical connection that I am not sure that I would want my daughter to make at eight years old. I am not sure that this kid is the best influence for my 6 year old. In recent times I have heard my daughter say some undesirable things. Time to play catch up. I have really got to get my children enrolled into a swim class so they can learn how to swim. I have to teach my children how to ride their bikes. I need to really get to know my son better. I have to push my daughter out of the nest a little more. This stage of their life will go by so fast. I am hoping to make up for some lost time.

More hair talk and then I am going to get myself ready for next week. I am finding the conveniece of my hairstyle to be so great. Currently, I am doing the trial and error thing with my hair. Some products work better than others, but I find that my hair is very dry. Since I am not doing a whole lot of fussing over my hair, it is beginning to grow.

Speaking of growing, my garden is coming along so nicely. The sunflower foliage is beginning to come up. The stargazer lilies, tiger lilies, and sweet pea are finally coming up as well. I was pulling up weeds today and noticed that the calla lilies that I have been waiting for are finally starting to break the surface. My only concern at this time are the roses. I recently planted three rose bushes. One of my rose bushes seem to be having yellow leaves and barren branches all the time. I gave them each 2/3 of a gallon of water plus miracle grow. I am hoping that it will make a difference somehow. Otherwise, I will have to dig them up, examine the roots and replant them. Not a problem...I am free for at least another month and a half.

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