Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's Officially Summer

I don't know what it is doing where you live, but it is hot here. I have been sweating profusely for the past week. My flowers are on the verge of drying out. My kids are beginning to prune from being wet all day and night. I am not complaining. At least it's not raining. Spanish is going well. For the past few weeks we have had a wonderful teacher. Today we had a sub who was equally wonderful. The true test of my Spanish speaking skills will be called to the test in the near future. I am traveling to a spanish speaking foreign country in a few weeks. My kids don't get to be traumatized because I am only going to be gone for a few weeks.

I am so excited about going abroad. I wonder what to pack. It will be fun to see how my fiance handles the children in my absence. His Dad skills are finally going to be put to the test. He said that this is his big chance to show the kids that Dads are fun too. I can't wait! I am stepping up my workout so that I can handle the altitude.

327 days before graduation! (Or 10 months and 23 days)


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