Saturday, August 06, 2005

I still can't believe I drank a raw egg

I am finally abroad. It has been quite a while since I have posted a message. I have been very busy getting adjusted to my new environment. I have attended classes at the university already. The professor speaks Spanish. Muy rapido. I have a hard time understanding the language, but I imagine that by the time I leave, my comprehension and communication skills in Spanish (and English) will be much better. So far, the classes that I took at the university are enough such that I can tell people what I want/need. I am impressed because I didn't think I learned anything.

The class that I am taking is about Public Health. Right now we are learning about the psychology of adult learning. We have also learned about community assessment. Even though the class is totally in Spanish, I understand the concepts and principals being taught. What will be the interesting thing is the establishment of dynamics between patient and nurse with a language barrier. We go into the community next week. It will be fun. I'm sure of it.

It is winter here. Which means, it is very cold. I have a little heater in my room that runs on gas. We can only run it when we are awake because the fumes will kill you. Before I leave for the university, I have to open all of the windows to cut down on the humidity. We share a kitchen and a bathroom. It's like HEY ARNOLD, except we do our own cooking. I live in a residency with many different people from various countries in the world. Most people speak Spanish. Our home is like a little family. We have activities that we do together. It's really cool.

Last weekend I went out partying with the girls from Spain. We drank a drink called Pisco Sour. It has raw egg white in it, (I found this out after I drank half of it). It's my favorite. Last night, I went to the party district with the girl who is assigned to me by the university to help be get oriented to the city. We had alot of fun. I danced for about five hours straight. We shut the place down. Despite my apprehension, the other student from my school and I have fast become good friends. Last night we cooked dinner together and it was one of the bedt dinners we've had away from home.

Tonight, one of the residents of our house is planning a group night out. This will be pretty exciting. I can't wait.


P.S I apologize for my spelling, this keyboard is a little different and spell check isn't working.