Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Change is good...I think

I changed my hair again. I am not sure how this change will be received, but hey it doesn't matter as long as I like it, right? This time I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those styles that I am going to have to play with to get it right. Only time will tell. I am still Divalicious!

I went to my third official salsa class on Monday. There are not very many young people that attend these classes. But I suppose that is okay, I am not going there to meet young people, but to learn how to dance. Sometimes, I feel like I dance too aggressively or something. I thought that the whole movement thing was about taking real steps and not shuffling your feet around. I haven't got a good read on the instructor yet. This will be interesting. I think I like taking classes in a club better than in the studio. But being in the club is still kind of awkward for me. I am surrounded by the beautiful ones and I have yet to achieve that level of competency with my dancing. Operation divalicious salsera is now in progress.

School is still on hold for the moment. That is fine. I have been spending a lot of time working on other things. My children are doing well in school. That makes me very happy. Even though we've had our shares of ups and downs throughout this process, it feels like things are gonna work out fine. I am sticking to my pseudo-diet/work-out plan in the meantime. I have decided that as a health professional it is important to lead by example, and that life in moderation is a better example than overindulgence. I think the most difficult thing to commit to at this time is a workout routine. I can control my eating fairly well. I need desperately to incorporate more physical activity in my life. I hope to be in a dramatically smaller size in time for graduation. Graduation will be here before I know it so I better get myself together.

I am so bored. I have to meet with the insurance agent, (what fun!) and then I get to go shopping for Halloween costumes.



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