Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's a girl, no it's a boy...wait a minute,

It is definitely a boy. There are testicles. So there will be a name change in order. It is so interesting, having a cat and all. I felt the underside of his paws and they were warm and soft like real flesh. (Can you tell I've never had a pet before?) His little pink paws have capillary refill just like humans...only a nurse. He went to the vet for the first time on Friday and got himself immunized and checked out. He is perfect.

Okay, I went to the local Salsa club for the first time last night. The night began pretty fun. There was a Salsa class. I learned how to turn, and a few spins. I was actually doing some Salsa. Then the house lights went down and the band started to play. I went by myself, which I am sure is a pretty scary concept in this day and age. It was cool. I saw other women there by themselves and I thought, "I'm okay." Then I saw someone there that I don't particularly care for. I really didn't like my outfit and I had no idea what could happen since I was there by myself and she was with a group of her friends. So I left.

I felt defeated when I left the club. I felt like I had let some unknown force beat me at a game that I thought I had the confidence to play. Of all the nightclubs in the metropolitan area, why did this bitch have to go to the same one that I decided to go to learn Salsa? I won't say that she was the primary reason why I left, more like the secondary. This being my first time and all, I wanted to kind of get a feel for what the climate would be like. I wasn't dressed the way I wanted to be, and besides that I got really hot and uncomfortable. I didn't particularly like my shoes either. Next time I will be better prepared. Which will be in an hour. Yes, I am jumping back into the skillet, I can't be stopped.

School is school. Right now I am just plowing along, waiting for graduation. Not a whole lot of work and such. I wish I had more things to share academically. But that day will come soon enough.

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