Friday, January 13, 2006

DiVa's hit a rough patch

At first I wasn't going to post about this, but then I thought that if I am being true to this whole "tell it like it is" philosophy that I had when approaching this blog thing I can't leave out the troubles that I have been having lately. So here goes it. I am broke. Right now we are in between semesters and I have no money. I am making deals with all of my creditors right now because I don't have the money to pay them. It happens sometimes. I know what you're thinking, "you shouldn't have done all that shopping!" I planned for the shopping, what I hadn't planned on was the lack of child support for December and January. I refuse to ask my family for financial assistance because I decided on my own to return to school and I want to be responsible.

It has been difficult, returning to school as a single mom. I have even had to seek some public assistance at times. It has been pretty humiliating for the DiVa to humble down and admit that I need a little help but hey, this is a temporary situation...a means to an end. I thought that student aid would have disbursed by now. Sigh...I am going to do some relaxation breathing. I am going to be graduating soon. the completion of my bachelor's degree will improve my life and I will never have problems like this again.

Since I have sworn off my crack addicted cousins my car has been broken into twice. She took everything out of my glove boxes and storage compartments. She threw my papers all over my car. She went through my bookbag. I know it is her, because she was pissed off the last time she called me to borrow money and I said no. The funny thing is that she left all of my loose change in my ashtray. She got nothing because there wasn't anything of value in my car. I guess she wasn't that desperate. My town is small. Up until this point, if I left my house or car unlocked, I didn't worry too much. Not any more. Even when I am home I lock both locks and all the windows. I haven't heard any more from her brother either. He was supposed to go to the clinic to have a biopsy done. He begged and pleaded with me to go with him because everyone else in the family wrote him off, but I guess he got someone else. That works for me.

I have finished almost all of my make-up work, but my Profs have yet to assign me a final grade for the last semester. As a result I was notified that I am on academic probation. This is probably why my funds were placed on hold. I am terrified. I can't have anything less than a "B" in any given class this semester or I won't graduate with honors, without adding another class of course. But even then I would really have to get a 4.0 to make my goal. Talk about pressure.

My son refuses to learn multiplication. Why? He would rather play with his playstation 2, so he is grounded from playstation 2 until he memorizes his facts from numbers 6 through 9. I have extra kids in my home this week because my family had to see about my grandmother. My grandmother was placed on a dopamine drip recently to support her blood pressure. Given my limited knowledge of critical care nursing, I know that this could be a bad thing. My family has been using me as a consultant, but I am a wreck too. I can't think objectively, this is my heroine. I can't even imagine her not being up and about and smiling and joking and just being my grandmother. On top of all that, one of my aunties has sarcoidosis and they believe that one of growths is cancerous, so she is going into the hospital to have biopsies taken. It's a good thing that both my auntie and my grandmother live in the same state.

That's is what's going on with the DiVa. I am tired. I think I will be going to bed.

Until next time...

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