Monday, January 23, 2006

I got my assignment...

Well, sorta. I am going to do my rotation in a medical ICU. That's a cool thing. I really wanted to go back to the ER, but I really need the experience with ventilator patients. My last experience in critical care was very diluted, there weren't very many vent patients and my preceptor was indifferent about me meeting the criteria for my course. Speaking of preceptors, we are supposed to think about our best precepting experience and submit their name for recognition. I wonder what it is like to be a preceptor?

I know when I am following a nurse around all day I feel like if she turns around too fast, I'll get knocked over. I feel like I am breathing down her neck like a crazy person, asking question, after stupid question, after even stupider question. (Yes, I am a baccalaureate educated person!) I try to go and sit down somewhere so that I don't get in their personal space. Well, it'll be a while before I have to worry about that.


Oops, I almost forgot! I got a phone call from my cousin. (By the way, his biopsies came back okay, the meds are working and he is hoping for remission.) He told me that it WAS in fact his sister that broke into my car. She has gone off the deep end in her addiction. I guess prostitution is not yielding enough money to support her habit so she has resorted to stealing. I guess that isn't a surprise...

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