Monday, January 16, 2006

When I am wrong, I can admit it...

Now I kind of feel bad. My cousin might well have had a manifestation of cancer that began in his mouth. I should know better, but if his sister hadn't hinted to me that he had HIV (and if he wasn't such a huge liar), I wouldn't have doubted him in the first place. As it turns out Burkitt's lymphoma can manifest itself as a large tumor in the jaw bone, which is somewhat consistent with what he told me. I have to quit being so damn critical. I guess it really doesn't matter now, since they are lifetime members of my official shit list.

I am tired today. Ready for the whole school thing to be over, but then again how does that make today any different? I have decided that any time we consume fast food we have to walk to get it. Anyone who orders something has to walk too. We will eat in at the restaurant and then walk back home. The only exception is if it is dark outside or if the weather is too bad for walking. Otherwise we will eat food cooked at home. The kids actually liked the whole idea. Even the three year old kept up. They are all sleeping right now. I also found that the children didn't eat as much, they spent all their time playing in the kid's land. We'll see how long we will keep this going.



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