Sunday, February 12, 2006

The DiVa is in over her head

I had a rough night last night. I think my preceptor knew it because she said that I looked like I was going to cry a couple of times. This is hard ass work. ICU must mean "I see you!" because last night I was in my patient's room all night long. I had to do vitals every 15 minutes and I had this neosynephrine drip that had to be titrated almost once an hour. I kept losing things and forgetting things all night long, and I suddenly forgot every medicine, every disease state and every nursing intervention I learned. I was tired as hell too! I have a new found respect for nurses who work third shift. I can't be you, on my best day.

What makes it worse is that my preceptor was messin' with me. My confidence is low already because I swear I know what I am doing, util she asks me something. Then I forget everything. She expects that by the end of my experience, I will take care of her patients and she will watch me. This may happen, but this is only day three...well four today. I need to get ready to go. Say a prayer for me...

-DiVa...anxious as heck that she will kill someone tonight

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