Friday, February 17, 2006

My Birthday....No really it was happy!

I had a really great birthday this year. I planned to sleep in, but I had to get the kids off to school and go to the dentist. My friend and my sister called me to say happy birthday. What a pleasant surprise. I went to the Dentist. Good news, no new cavities. I love going to get my teeth cleaned. I would love to get them all prettied up like those videos they show in the waiting room. I asked the dentist about the cost and he said about $1000...per tooth! And most people get 6-8 teeth done. I guess I don't really need the DaVinci veneers because I have nice teeth already. (The DiVa is so vain...) And sometimes, when people get those veneers, their teeth resemble chiclets. After I left the dentist, I spent the rest of the afternoon with my mother. We had a nice talk. For dinner, we had Chipotle and cake. And here I am at home.

As a reflect on my life I must say, I've been blessed. I have two healthy children. My parents are still living, and are able to see my accomplish things in my life that make them proud. Soon I will have a career, instead of a job. Life is pretty good. Lately, my sister and I have been trying to develop a closer relationship. I think that we could help each other. My sister wants very badly to be an Art Therapist. She is a phenomenal artist and she loves helping people to express their feelings through art. But she would need to get her undergraduate and master's degrees which to a 24 year old seems like a lifetime of school. My brother will be graduating from bootcamp soon. Our family is supposed to go there to support him. I hope that this military thing works out for him. Since he signed on for five years, I suppose that he will have to make it work. My baby brother wants to become a professional musician. When I hung out with my Mom today, we listened to some of his recordings. He is actually kinda good. My Dad is returning from his sister's funeral. He is talking about selling the house and moving to the south to take care of the land and other things my grandparents left behind. I think he should do it because he deserves to retire. He has worked hard enough.

I received a lot of good news from school today. I am doing a lot better than I thought I was, and that is a huge relief. I have been asked to participate in projects and create presentations to illustrate and display my talents, which to me, says that they value my work. I have needed to hear that for a while, or at least feel that. One of the other non-traditional students and myself went out for lunch for my birthday on Wednesday. We talked and had a really great time. Instead of trying to get to know people who had ill will for me, I should have spent more time developing a relationship with her. We had such a great time. We have so much in common and we perceive many of the same aspects of school the same way. And she is so sweet, she wouldn't let me pay. Next week is her birthday, so then she won't be allowed to pay. For the most part I am truly happy. Really. I cannot complain, well at least until I have another clinical day with Nurse Wratchet.

DiVa, not ashamed to admit that she is a whiner...

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