Monday, March 06, 2006

Aye sir, my brother graduated bootcamp

He is a marine now, and he really looks good. Our family went to South Carolina this past week to see him graduate. It was like most typical holidays in our dysfunctional family, good to see everyone together again, glad to see everyone go home. I must say, the marines has changed him into a whole different person. He is very neat. I am used to the kid who wore baggy pants and kept his room a complete mess. He is so slim too. He went from a size 42 to a 32 in pants. That alone makes me think about enlisting. I asked him what one of the most important lessons he learned from his experiences and he said, "I learned to be an individual while also working as a team. I am a real man now, I know how to treat people with respect and I get respect in return." I am proud of my brother. I think my Mom and Dad are too!
He took us on a tour of the facility. We saw their base department store and commissary that had super low prices, (another reason I would think about joining the military) and his barracks. I wonder how he slept on those little beds, and if he was warm enough with one little blanket? He seems to be really happy with his new life. I thought that Parris Island was just beautiful.
This is a picture either coming from or leaving Parris Island. After graduation, we went to a nice restaurant and had dinner together. We paid 308.00 for 17 people to eat dinner. I thought that wasn't too bad, but I could have cooked dinner for the family for way less. After dinner my mother gave this really great speech about how proud she is of us. It was rather touching. After that my brother and family left and we planned to go home the next day
...but not until we went to visit Hilton Head Island to see the ocean. The beach was very cold. It didn't stop the kids from playing in the water. We spent about an hour at the beach and then we started back home. It was a long tiring drive. I am glad that we are back home. My brother was glad that we could all make it, our family was prid to witness his transformation and the kids had a great adventure. Congrats to my brother on his accomplishment!

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Semper Fi!