Sunday, April 30, 2006

Last day as a student nurse

Today I am embarking on my last official day as a student nurse. From now on in clinical I will be "the nurse." For real. It is so convenient to be able to say, I am sorry I can't help you, I can get your nurse for you.

I bought a few gifts for the unit and for my new preceptor who has been just awesome these past few weeks. I still see the evil nurse preceptor that I had in the beginning. It is weird working alongside of her. This is a continuing theme in nursing. The stressful environment, people snap off each others heads, you get over it and you move on. Recently we had a gathering at my school to celebrate commencement and I realized that every person in the room had said something that I was offended by at some point in time or another. Then I said, "Ah, what the Hell, why not talk to them."

In talking to them I found that some of us had many things in common. One student and I both want to be Family Nurse Practitioners. Don't get me wrong, in the first three years of my schooling, those girls were bitches, but it was only because our school is so competitive and stressful. Now it is all over, and we can just be normal people. I must say, I like everyone a whole lot better.

I am a work in progress. I was really mad at one of my friends because we were supposed to meet up and she blew me off. More than once. Then I saw her and found that she really did forget that we were supposed to meet up and that it was not a punishment for something that I did. For some reason I feel like people are always trying to hurt my feelings. I am a perpertual victim. Starting today I plan on changing my way of thinking.

It looks like I am going to make my goal of graduating with honors. Every time I see one of my advisors they hug and kiss me. They know the Hell I have been through doing this whole program, and of course they have made a lot of money from thirty of us completing the program at $120,000 per student. I'd kiss me too! I can't help but wonder if I cried or complained the whole time I was in the program. Most people have a memory of me crying of being upset. I didn't think I was going to make it. Seriously, every time I turned around my son was in trouble at school, or my daughter had an accident and needed a change of clothes, or something. But now is my big walk. I don't care what anyone else thinks, DiVa made it!

Okay so for the trivial stuff. I don't know what I want to wear for graduation. I don't want to be all fussy, but then I want to look professional and comfortable. I found this really great cotton sundress and sweater that I want to wear. But that is only for one event, I have at least three other events to wardrobe for. Then people are coming in from out of town that I need to entertain. I can't wait until June. I plan on taking the kids on vacation to Universal Studios and the beach in Florida and South Carolina. I will keep you posted on my job search. In the meantime, the DiVa will be enjoying her remaining time as a student while preparing for the licensing exam.

DiVa...a real BSN in a few weeks!

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