Monday, May 08, 2006

The rose bushes are planted...

and still no housework is done. My hair is a mess and I just don't care. I am done with school. Ha-ha! I say it again...done, done, done.

Why am I posting at 3am? My cousin came over and told me that her car ran out of gas, and she needed help. Why me? Because her car broke down across the street from my house. I should have told her to take a flying leap because last weekend I went out with a few of the ladies from our nursing class. I talked one of my colleagues into attending the party given to honor the seniors and she rode with me. After the party, the girls had this brilliant idea to watch male dancers. She really wanted to go because she had never been before and I felt bad saying no because she had no other way to get home. So I stayed there for a while.

These guys were fat, and the ones that weren't fat were skinny. And the ones that were skinny were plain old ugly. The fat ones were probably really attractive, a long time ago. On the average there were a few nice physiques, and it was marginally entertaining in the beginning. People seemed to be having fun. All of a sudden, the guys started performing mock sexual acts. Like mashing the ladies faces into their groins and arranging women into sexual positions on the stage. In the audience, there were men circulating performing equally naughty things to unsuspecting audience members, most of which were brides to be. At one point the whole crowd began to look like a giant orgy at which point I decided that I wanted to leave.

As I was on my way back home, I called my cousin to find out if she wanted to go out and dance or something. It was pretty early still and I did not want to go home yet. She was talking to me on the phone and I was sharing my experiences with her. I guess because I am such a "prude" (and of course she's back off the wagon again) she thought I was playing on the phone. She cussed me out and hung up on me. I have to remember that Belinda (her bitchy personality) has zero tolerance for my naivete, unless of course I have booze or money to lend her for drugs. This time she didn't get any money, she did ask but I didn't have any. Her car ran out of gas and she needed a ride to the gas station. Belinda and her primary personality communicate and she knew that Belinda was being mean. She apologized for Belinda, and for a moment she seemed ashamed that she was off the wagon again. Like she was letting me down. The person she should feel like she is letting down is her daughter.

I guess I will do a load of laundry since I am up

DiVa...a little prude, a little naive and proud of it!

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