Thursday, June 29, 2006

Approaching my last week before REAL nursing

In eleven days I will be a REAL nurse. I must say I have experienced a whirlwind of emotions between school, graduation, not getting the job, studying for the test, taking the test, passing the test, and finally getting the job. I'm DiVa, the labor and delivery nurse. It sounds sort of funny. I am finally a professional something. Now it is time for all of the concepts to come together. I am approaching this new experience with a little anxiety, which I imagine is better than cockiness. I am going into this experience with my eyes open.

The name of my blog has changed. A day in the life of a student nurse, (which after much consideration I deemed to be lame), then NurseDiva training! Which I found to be more fitting. I am a DiVa, despite all the whining I do, and I am extraordinaire because I am just so cute. But the one thing I that I think I am and always will be is "in training." As a nurse, I never want to get beside myself and think I know everything. To be honest, I don't know a whole lot. But I will always be bettering myself and striving for excellence. I don't ever want to be unapproachable or snobby. I am the same ole' DiVa that had to get public assistance because clinical was too demanding for me to work and go to school at the same time. The same ole' DiVa who had to give up housework for almost three years because she wanted to graduate cum laude. I don't ever want to forget my struggle. I am glad it wasn't easy, because I have a greater appreciation for where I am in my life.

Anywho, I am going to look at a house today. I want to rent a place that is closer in to the hospital I will be working. The public school system is really bad near the hospital, so I am looking at places within 20 minutes of the hospital. There are relatively good public schools in the suburbs, which we really need for my son's special needs. I imagine this would be the best time for me to move since my son is not quite in high school yet. Another reason for my move is because I think I need to get away from my family.

It seems like since people know that I am going to be making a pretty decent wage, they want to ask me for money. And they expect me to GIVE it to them. I feel bad saying no, but where the hell are they when I need a babysitter? Busy. And when I need money? Broke. I have goals. I have two children to put through college. They need things. School clothes, supplies and other life necessities. I am planning to go back to school here in about a month. Things are going on, and I don't want to GIVE anyone ANYTHING. Nobody GAVE me my college degree. I am paying for it, and those payments start just in time for Christmas. So hell no, get a job. I can't do nothin' for ya man!

I would like to get a nice PDA as my new job gift to myself, but I don't know where to start. I am also buying my own malpractice insurance, just in case. I have already bought myself two pair of nursing clogs at allheart. I couldn't pass them up because they only cost $10. They should be here just in time. I am going to get myself a new pair of glasses. Our unit colors are navy blue, light blue. So some new scrubs are in order. I am going shopping!

DiVa...It is important to accessorize!


stunursedayton said...

the incoming nursing students at my school are required to buy a Palm T|X. I bought one. It has built in wireless and is pretty neat. Sit in Panera and check your email. $299.99

S. R. said...

Yeah, I gave four years to Uncle Sam for help.