Monday, June 26, 2006

DiVa's latest adventure

While I was waiting for the results to post on the board of nursing's website, I decided to so something I had never done before. Sitting in front of the computer was making me crazy and I needed to get out of the house. I decided to go to Wendy's to get something to eat when I saw a sign that said blood donation today. So I said, Why not?

I went into the center, signed my name on the list and read the mandatory literature. I would say within about a half an hour, the blood tech came out and called me and the others back to do the interview. The first thing they did was get a set of vitals. Despite the fact that I was waiting for the results, and I was terrified of getting stuck, my blood pressure and pulse were normal as were my temp and respers. So then the tech poked my finger with the lancet and placed a drop of blood into a solution to see if I was anemic. Of course I was, but she was determined to get blood so she had to stick me AGAIN and put my blood into a centrifuge to double check. My H and H was 40, making me clear to donate. I had to answer questions about whether or not I have been exposed to Malaria and such. She asked me if I had ate anything, which I had not, so I had to visit the cookie and juice table before giving blood.

So then, I was really nervous. I made a trip to the ladies and returned to the room and reclined on a cot. A different tech placed the tourniquet on my arm and began to palpate for a vein. I am the WORST stick in the county. She was having a hard time finding a good vein. This is a common occurrence for me so I wasn't surprised. She called in back up. The other tech checked my right arm and found two veins. He asked the original tech if she felt comfortable sticking me and she opted to go on break. Fine by me. So I gave him a look that said "Please don't miss," and extended my arm. He warned me and inserted the needle. Not too bad. The blood began to drain down the tubing and into the bag. I was instructed to squeeze a red ball during the donation process. He said I could donate 600 cc's which seemed like a lot of blood! It took about 15 minutes to fill the bag. Afterwards I re-visited the cookie and juice table, filled out a questionnaire and left.

I felt pretty good about my day. In an hour's time I saved three lives. i would probably do it again and highly recommend the experience if you have the means.

DiVa...Conquering her fears one at a time


S. R. said...

I've donated blood a few times. They always stick my in the right AC (big vein where forearm meets bicep). I don't know why, but getting stuck in that vein on either arm freaks me out. I hate it, but they refuse to try a more distal vein. I always end up with bleeding and soreness at the puncture site, and they always force me to make an appointment right afterwards. I feel like I am being sold a car sometimes.

stunursedayton said...

Diva is Draculiva. heheh

Nurse Diva Extraordinaire said...

I am leery about doing it again because the guy who did it was really GOOD. They did the exact same vein on me and I was cringing. The next peron who does my blood donation stick better be a sharp shooter, because if they miss that's it. No second chances.

S. R. said...

I hate poking, and getting poked, in the AC veins. Freaks me out.