Monday, June 12, 2006

I scheduled my test

Ha-ha! I scheduled my test and I will be taking it next week. Ready or not. I am a little nervous, but I think that my schooling prepared me well. Now I will put it to the test. Nobody seems to feel like I won't be successful. The kids are out of school and enjoying not having to wake up at 7am. I too am becoming complacent. The house is coming along, slowly.

I put in a few more applications. I thought that it would be a good idea to jump right back into things with a new outlook. By the way, sorry if I am repeating, I found out that you can never tell a potential employer that you are returning to school in an interview. Unless of course you don't want the job. I could probably wait a while before going back to school, but then if I did I probably would never go back.

I have been trying to follow this routine to help me get my life in order. It is the flylady. ( I receive daily emails to remind me of what to do each day and how to keep my house clean and organized. Right now I am in the babysteps phase. I am also trying to incorporate the kids into the routine because my graduate studies will be nothing like my undergrad. We will be better and this house will never get like this again. Well, I had better get back to work, visitors at 4:30.



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