Tuesday, July 11, 2006


It is the middle of the night after my first day of orientation. Why am I awake at 3 o'clock in the morning? I am washing an outfit for today. My first day of orientation was great. I was on time, which is a huge feat for me. I arrived early enough to get my fingerprints and ID before going to the classroom. They offered a breakfast of pastries, muffins and bagels. There was also coffee and juices, which was very nice. There was a mountain of paperwork regarding benefits and at least 8 speakers.

I learned that ANYTHING can be misconstrued as sexual harassment. I am not going to tell anyone that they look nice, I am not going to look at anyone for longer than 2 seconds or read any magazines because God knows that Louise or David might see a picture of a swimsuit model or bodybuilder and feel uncomfortable enough to report me. I was wondering why this guy one time when I was working nights looked at me so strange when I said his aftershave smelled nice. They were saying that even a glance that makes someone feel uncomfortable is sexual harassment. Two employees sharing a dirty joke amongst themselves in the break room is sexual harassment. Kicking the vending machine and saying F---! is sexual harassment. I was sexually harassing him! Sexual harassment is EVERYWHERE. Watch out...

Besides that everything was okay. The rest of the week, the hospital has devised this mini-skills lab that will teach us everything we ever wanted to know about nursing but was afraid to ask. Our first lessons include delegation (that we never really covered in nursing school and I needed for the NCLEX), customer service, and skills (which are my favorite). Just when you thought that nursing school was over, they bring it all back with your first job. We are re-learning phlebotomy, body logistics for turns...Everything! They are teaching us how to order things in the computer and a have to take a med calculation test. (Yay?) I get to meet my boss today (for the first time since she hired me), and my preceptor. (I am trying to stay optimistic!) I don't get to dive into the REAL nursing stuff until either later this week or on Monday. But I will be back to tell you more about that. Alright, I am going to put my clothes in the dryer, pack my lunch and go back to sleep.

Until next time...DiVa!


S. R. said...

Are they teaching you about mandated reporting and Tuberculosis? Yay!

Considering the years I spent in school with some of the ladies I now work with, I sometimes make funny yet lewd jokes for a quick laugh. I should probably watch it.

stunursedayton said...

Wow, kicking the vending machine and saying F%@K is sexual harassment? Man I just had total intercourse with a pop machine at school then. hehehehe