Friday, July 07, 2006

Pre-employment and such

Today, I had to go to the hospital to complete some pre-employment screening type stuff. Even though my drug test is going to be negative, I still worry a bit. I was at a party near a window where some guys were smoking weed outside. I was freaking out. I hope that second hand smoke doesn't generate a false positive. I wasn't like concentrating and inhaling or anything, I just happened to notice an odor of burning marijuana leaves. I should be fine because that was over a week ago.

Then I had to get a TB test. No big deal. I have to get another one done next Friday because the hospital needs to have a history of one negative test within the past year. No prob. After that I had to go to the lab to have blood work done. As I was instructed by the Blood donation people, I extended my right arm. The tech couldn't find my only two good veins. She decided to go for one of the faint blue lines on my left arm. She had to go deep to hit it and she used a butterfly needle. She made it on the first stick, which is good, but now I have a bruise the size of Texas on my arm.

Then I had to go get an ID made. It was a great picture, amazingly. Then I needed to get fingerprinted. I gave my driver's license, but the officer needed an ID with my social security number on it. Since I don't carry my social security card, I was out of luck. After that I decided to go home. Today, I had my daughter with me and she was so spoiled. Everyone couldn't stop telling her how cute she was and the gave her a light lunch, candy and coloring books. She said, "I like your job!" I wonder why.

So I start my job on Monday. I am not ready. I can't believe I am using this combination of words together in a sentence, but I would almost rather write a paper. I hope that I don't disappoint the unit, or screw up something. I mean, I don't worry that I will kill anyone, but I am more concerned that I will not be what the nurse manager expected. That is really silly, but that's my big fear. I wanted to ask the nurse manager why she hired me just so I could try to meet her expectation, but I thought that was kind of weird. So I will just do my best to be a good little DiVa.

I know I am probably not going to like everyone that I work with, but I hope that I work with marginally nice people. I am also hoping that work will be nothing like nursing school at all. My biggest weakness is time management, so I hope that I will be able to make it to work on time everyday. I live almost an hour away from the hospital and I have to get dressed in the facility because they don't allow you to wear your scrubs or shoes in from home. I imagine that all of my questions will be answered soon enough. Well I have a huge stack of papers that have to be filled out before my first day.

DiVa...I don't wanna let em' down!

P.S. I got a new microwave for $40 at Best Buy.


S. R. said...

Do they provide you scrubs? If not, do you have to carry your own scrubs home in a bag in order to wash them?

I think in order to test pos for marijuana from second hand would require you to sit in a phone booth sized room filled with acrid smoke for at least an hour. Kind of like the ol' saying that it would take a gallon of HIV saliva to acquire the virus.

I don't know about you, but I am nervous before I begin anything new that is of any consequence.

Nurse Diva Extraordinaire said...


I have read your blog and I found it entertaining. We think alike when it comes to the whole school/nursing thing. Have you NCLEX'd yet? Job? It's good to know that I am normal to be a bit nervous. I probably passed the drug test.

The jobs requires that I buy my own scrubs, but to keep things aseptic, they require you to store your shoes in the locker and get dressed when you arrive. You can wear them home if you want to, but the nurse manager would prefer for you to change out of your clothes before returning home.

S. R. said...

Here in CA, after you graduate, you get an interim permit (IP). This allows you to work for RN pay under the supervision of a licensed RN. I start my job on Monday. I take the NCLEX later this month. Been studying but the content, as you know, is overwhelming.

I was nervous before starting any of my nursing classes, and especially the night before the first clinical, even as a senior.

Feel free to comment on my blog if anything strikes you as interesting.

NICURN2B said...

How exciting. Was it this unit that had unit drama or the peds unit? I'll have to go back and read but if not then surely the people are nice. I mean who could be grumpy on L & D?

S. R. said...

Certainly not Lochia Lovers.

Nurse Diva Extraordinaire said...

To nicurn2b:

It is the same hospital that I had preceptor problems with back in March. Crazy, (I know), but I was impressed me about the way that the unit handled that situation.

The nurses decided that they did not want their unit to be represented by "nurse meanie" and they accepted accountability for her actions. There was also a strong sense of teamwork and the physicians actually respect and utilitize the opinions of the nurses.

I figured that no hospital is perfect, but at least I have an idea of what to expect. I also plan to relocate to a local hospital after 2 years at the "downtown" hospital. I will probably stay longer because they have an awesome emergency department. Long answer for a short question. But perhaps that will save you from having to go back and reading.

To S.R.:

Lochia is not one of my top ten things to deal with, the cool part of that is that once the baby is born, it's off to mother-baby. Just like the emergency department, we treat em' and send em' off to the next destination.

S. R. said...

I was just kidding. Hope you didn't take any offense if you do indeed work in L+D. Its a good gig.