Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Three down, two to go!

I have been pretty busy here the past few days, so I'm gonna get ya up to speed. I have found out some very interesting and exciting things about all the new training that I am about to receive, but nothing gets to happen until I finish this dreadful orientation. My initial thoughts were, "Ahhh, orientation class shouldn't be too bad. I am getting paid to listen to lectures and such, how could I miss?" Oh yes, I can miss, I miss being busy on the floor.

We sat through about 6 hours of lecture. Because we were a mixed group of aides, techs, supports, LPN's and nurses our training was remedial. When I say remedial, I mean like "Intro to Nursing" simple. We talked about HIPAA and patient safety and stuff like that for hours and hours and hours. The delegation lecture was pretty informative. Everything else is a huge blur. After about the first three hours of lecture, our manager came down from our respective units and met us for the first time since the interview. I thanked my manager for hiring me and she told me what to expect and what I need to do to prepare for my first day on the unit, which is next week.

She told me about my training. I have to renew my adult CPR, take a neonatal CPR course and a Code Pink course where (get this!) I learn how to run a code on a preemie and they will be teaching me how to intubate a neonate by practicing on a real live CAT in the lab. That's right. A feline. My Auntie told me I better hope it's declawed. I am hoping that the cat will be sedated! Then I have to take classes on perinatal loss and become a lactation consultant. I am going to be so well trained that the NICU that turned me down before will be dying for me to work for them. In this moment, I can't imagine working anywhere else. Our unit is required to wear navy blue. After school/work I went to the uniform store and bought myself pretty new scrubs for my first real day. I can't wait to wear them.

Mundane is putting it lightly. I feel so bad because there were people in our class that probably never did a blood draw before that had to pass a proficiency after only watching a demonstration ONE TIME. They didn't even get a chance to practice. This part of the orientation has been like the abridged version of nursing school. All day the teacher talked, and talked, and talked. I am so happy I am home because here, there is peace and quiet.

I took my med math test and passed it 100%, which means I can pass medications. I passed all of my other competencies 100% as well. I wasn't so lucky with my test on restraints. I'll be honest, I didn't really read the material. There, I said it. It was a very dry read, and you know I am suffering from that "Nursing School Induced Anhedonia" which I really gotta do something about. I brought the book home and perhaps I will read it while I do laundry and then take the test first thing in the morning. Then I have a few more independent studies and a class on the hospital computer and then I am free to go onto my unit. Thank God!

Well, that's about all.

-DiVa...Tired as hell from doing nothing at all!

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S. R. said...

NICUs are tricky places. Seems that they might be the cattiest nursing units around. At least that's what I've heard from my NICU RN friend.