Monday, July 03, 2006

You never know how much you need your microwave...

Until it breaks down. I NEED my microwave. If you want to skip the updates, scroll down.

For the past few weeks the kids have been at Grandma's, which has been a great thing because I have had some time to myself. Saturday, I made an appointment to go to the salon and got my hair trimmed and dyed this amazing shade. Later I will get more highlights. I spent the whole day with my son and his Dad. His new girlfriend can't stand it that we don't hate each other. I don't know what these ladies need to hear to reassure them that I do not want him, for nothing! I think he should try to make up with his current girlfriend because I really like this one. She is always polite and she doesn't try to replace me. The last one thought for some reason that my son needed another mother. Sigh...

We went to see the movie CLICK. This movie was a surprise. It was really a good movie. I highly recommend it. While I was at the movie theater, I noticed that a few guys were checking me out. It has been a long time since a guy has expressed an interest in me. I liked it. After the movie, my son's Dad decided that he wanted to go out. So I stayed to babysit. Ha-ha! I babysat my own child. I realized that I could never be a weekend Mom because my son said he wanted to come home and I said okay. When he got home he didn't know how to act, he was all over the place. Fidgety, I wish I had energy like that. And then it happened.

Microwave Malfunction
I was taking a nap, when my son decided that he wanted to make a bag of microwave popcorn. He woke me up because the microwave was making a weird noise. I came in to check it out and smelled a burning, electrical-mechanical smell. His bag of popcorn was half-popped. I thought no more of it. Then later I was trying to heat up a Lean Gourmet entree, it didn't heat. In fact it was still frozen. The microwave is the center of my cooking life. Everything in my freezer, with the exception of the ice cream, is microwaveable. I take that back, I once put the ice cream in the microwave for about 15 seconds to soften it. I know I am crazy, but I need another microwave. A good one. One I can rely on. The last one was either a Sharp or Panasonic. It's going on the curb.

DiVa...going shopping for new appliances!

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stunursedayton said...

It's a good thing your a HIGHLY paid RN and can afford it. hehe