Thursday, September 14, 2006

Playin' catch-up

I am excited about my new career. As a matter of fact, I got my first raise. Seeing my paychecks give me a sense of hope for the future of my family. Yeah, I know I sound crazy, but I have made some observances about making enough money to take care of my family.

1. I don't have to borrow money to take care of my kids. I spent almost $600 on my kids for school uniforms and supplies and my bank account was not overdrawn. And I still had money left over to pay my bills and put gas in my car. Wow!

2. My ex-fiance and I have been getting along a lot better lately. (Big Surprise, no?)Recently, he has been helping me out with the kids. And he realized that he needed a car to do this with. I was the designated co-signer, but I declined because I don't think he deserves it. Why the hell should I co-sign for him. I guess the most amazing thing is that the banks will actually let me, ME have a new car.

3. I buy lots and lots of pretty clothes and shoes for myself. I have better clothes than I had even when I was in high school! And I have money left over to go out to dinner and pay for my meal without taking $20 off of each bill to afford to go and have fun with my friends. I just went out this weekend and spent $60 dollars and my lights and gas are still on! My rent is paid!

I know I am silly, but I can afford to enjoy life. I have to get my credit in order and start saving now because I plan to get a new house. At least a bigger house where all of us have our own bedrooms. I am thinking of moving a bit closer to my job. The schools closer to my job are having problems with finance and quality of education. The town where I live right now are building brand new schools that will be done in 2008. I think I should stay here, but I have to drive at least one hour to get to work. I have a huge decision to make.

I know it is too soon to say this, but I think I love my new job. I especially LOVE working in the OR and triage. I know you must be thinking, are you really a OB nurse? Yes, our OB is a high risk OB. That means we are prepared for anything. We take all pregnant with things as simple as a toothache or as complex as a placental abruption. They only rule is that they have to be at least greater than 18 weeks pregnant. I think I'll be okay working unsupervised. And the people on nights are fun!

Since I am a new grad, I am going to get hosed on the holidays. I will probably be working Thanksgiving, X-mas eve definitely, x-mas day and New Year's. But since I work nights, it shouldn't be so bad. I hope.

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