Tuesday, September 12, 2006

With less than a month of orientation left...

I am doing remarkably well.

I can birth babies with minimal assistance. I can circulate and scrub in obstetrical and gyn procedures, I can triage. I am almost working independently. The funny thing is, I am already teaching student nurses. Today was a day that I could have choked a few student nurses. I always wondered what it was like on the other side of the fence. Now I know.

Most of the student nurses that I have run into were cute. The reminded me of myself. Inquisitive, helpful and focused. They ask really good questions. I am impressed. But there are a few student nurses that make worry for the future of nursing. Case in point. Today there was a group of student nurses in the OR observing C-sections and things of the sort. It was my second time scrubbing in by myself and I was nervous! I memorized all the instruments, and I am working on anticipating the doctors need, so I was rehearsing the procedure in my mind while I was setting up my sterile field. I don't know about you, but when I was in nursing school, I was taught two things about being in the OR, 1. Don't touch anything! Especially anything or anyone dressed in blue, and 2. Keep your hands in your pockets and stand up against the wall that way if you faint you won't hurt yourself.

I don't know what this guy was looking at but he was standing behind me. The patient wasn't draped, there were no doctors in the room. I think the nurse was placing a Foley or something. The all of the sudden I felt a bump. In my mind I said "Shit!" Out loud I said "He bumped me! Ack! What do I do?" I know full well what I had to do, I had to re-scrub all over again. I told him it was okay. It really was, because ya know, it could happen to anyone. I guess it was partially my fault because I should be aware of my surroundings, but whatever. I re-scrubbed and went back to setting up my sterile field, but then I was REALLY nervous.

My mask and shield fogged up and I was sweating like crazy. In my mind I am playing the worst case scenarios, me knocking over the entire Mayo stand with surgical instruments all over the floor. One of the doctors yelling at me like "Get this incompetent nurse outta here and get someone who knows what the HELL they're doing!" I couldn't see a thing. Fortunately, I could see the tips of the surgical instruments and I memorized where I had everything set up. All of my counts were correct in all three cases. Once I thought I had lost a Kelley clamp, but then I realized it was on my placenta. Oh, and I dropped a pair of pick-ups off the field. Simple job, HUGE responsibility! The doctors seemed to be impressed. The DiVa still can't take a compliment.

After the case, I was scrubbing my instruments and I happened to track blood on the floor. At the moment, I had an unlabeled placenta that needed to be stored properly before it got mixed in with all the other placentas and I was going to call environmental services to help me with my bloody footprints. One of the nurse assistants (i.e., student nurse that works on the floor until they graduate and take boards) called me on the carpet about the bloody footprints. Now, They were not like a forensic crime scene, just light pinkish-red smears of blood. I didn't even leave the footprints unattended. She is always screwing with me. Student nurses have some BALLS nowadays! When I was a student nurse, I respected nurses (experienced or not)and I wouldn't DARE try to say something that would piss them off. I have already said something to her about her saying, "I WOULD help you BUT YOU'RE the NURSE-IN-TRAINING and you need the experience." or "I would have started that IV differently than that, I would have went for the anticubital but do it your way." Or my personal favorite, "Hmmm, looks like you have five minutes to get dressed and get into report! Better hurry up!"

Other than that, all is well. I think I will be okay. But I just know, my first week out of orientation will be all the worst OB cases every known to man.

DiVa...The girl who went to the club this weekend and found out just how fierce she really is!

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