Saturday, November 04, 2006

Men are Stupid...

Lately, I have been having troubles with my FOB, (father of baby). My ex-husband is fantastic, but my ex-fiance leaves much to be desired. When I graduated from nursing school he became very jealous of my achievements, so he tried to make my life difficult. Long story short he left, I asked him back because I thought that we could work things out and now he has reverted to jack-ass mode yet again. Why won't I ever learn not to trust him when he says he has changed?

The most dishonorable thing about this man is that he uses God and his "spirituality" to make himself seem like this really great guy. To his family, I am the cunning little bitch who tricked him into supporting me as I went to school and better myself only to leave him with nothing. He does nothing to change that perception. As matter of fact, it is this perception that enables him to play me and then play his mother into letting him move back home and save his money instead of being responsible. I am so glad that I never discontinued my order of support because then I wouldn't receive anything at all to supplement my income. One would think that I wouldn't need child support monies, but I have these student loans to pay and it gives me extra money to save for a rainy day.

Anywho, I have devised a plan to get him out of my house for good. It isn't anything crazy, I would just have to try to work a little overtime and set up a strict visitation schedule so that he isn't able to trick me into letting him back into my life. I would also have to amend my work schedule which I am almost positive would take about a year. In a way I feel angry with myself for letting my guard down. I will be fine, but somehow I feel that he should have to suffer and struggle the same way that I have had to for so many years. In a way I was left with no choice because I didn't have anyone to watch my kids while I work. My mother, (who was recently declared cancer-free after her breast biopsy a few weeks ago), has health issues and I wouldn't think of giving her the added stress and responsibility of my children.

Speaking of my mother, we had a huge celebration the two of us on Friday. I am so glad that she doesn't have cancer. I thought we were going to be in trouble. But when her doctor turned the corner and gave us the news we couldn't get out of that doctor's office fast enough. My Dad was supposed to go with her to the doctor's office but when I called and invited myself to go, he dropped out. He is yet another man who is acting particularly stupid right now. Of all of the people in our family, he would suffer the most if we lost our mother. But at the same time he is the same ole jerk who refuses to provide her with financial assistance when she needs it the most. I wonder if there is any connection between the relationship between my parents and the problems I am having with my FOB. I don't think I will ever get married. At least not to my FOB.

The job is okay. I have my moments where I would rather fall into a hole, but then there are those rewarding moments that make it all worthwhile. Just when I thought that I couldn't speak Spanish, I got a Spanish-speaking patient. My general feeling about speaking Spanish is that I don't want my co-workers to know that I can because once they know it will become a requirement. Anyway, I coached this lady throughout her delivery in Spanish and I did okay. I can really speak Spanish after all. Last night I had another Spanish speaker and I made it through okay. Ha-ha! All those Spanish course paid off!

DiVa...Puedo hablar Espanol, muy bien!

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