Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas and all that jazz!

It's been a long time, I have been meaning to drop in and write a few lines but I have been giving all of my focus and dedication to being the best damn labor and delivery nurse to ever grace cyberspace. To A.H. and all my other loyal readers, here's what's happening in Diva's world.

Job Update
So far, no more bad news about my performance, knocking on wood! The big bosses had promised me around Thanksgiving time that I would be observed for five weeks to see if they could find out what my learning curve is. This is week 4 and I have yet to have a visit from the big bosses. I guess I must be doing okay. Especially since they have the nerve to schedule me to work overtime for three weeks in a row. I would be surprised to find a full term pregnant female in the city! And if you are trying to get pregnant be careful! People are having twins like there is no tomorrow.

I guess that I wasn't the only person who was having a hard time. Another new nurse quit after only working on the unit for 5 months. It is such a sad thing that nurses are not more open with one another about their weaknesses. I don't care if anyone knows that I don't know something. I feel that it is a learning opportunity for me and a teaching opportunity for others, the whole nursing cycle is complete. But that isn't the case. I feel like all of my positive attributes such as kindness, sensitivity, sharing and empathy are all good for dealing with patients, but bad when dealing with nursing peers. These bitches take my kindness for weakness. That day is over. I am about to bring my "innerbitch" to work and stop leaving her in the car!

The way I see it, they can't afford for me to quit because we have been slammed. And in addition to that, many people have quit that have been around for a long time. Makes me wonder what I have gotten myself into, but trust I am enduring. I spend all of my spare time memorizing the floor nursing manuals. I will know every protocol backwards and forwards and dare someone to mess with me! I double dare them! The transition from student nurse to real nurse is a slow and difficult process.

Family Update
Since I have started working, I haven't been spending any quality time with my children. Napping with them after school doesn't really count in my book. The man in my life and I pass each other at the door. I only see him on my off days and those are few and far between when I am working 48-52 hours a week. I was scheduled to work all the holidays. But I received a holiday blessing. When I arrived to work on x-mas morning, I was sent back home because I was not needed. My children were so happy. I baked cakes, wrapped gifts and spent time with my family. It was awesome.

My children got everything they asked for and I got what I wanted too. The only thing I wanted was to spend some time with my children. I thought that becoming a nurse would entitle me to spend time with my kids. And I do, I just have to budget my time better.

Well, I guess I had better take a nap before time for me to go to work. I promise to come back and share more often now that I have my performance issues under control.

Besitos y Abrazos,

NurseDiVa...Improving her performance, one delivery at a time!