Saturday, January 06, 2007

You know you have a good job when...

Your boss babysits your kids for you when you current ex-fiance decides to teach you a lesson by quitting watching the kids only hours before you are scheduled to be at work.

I love my boss. I had a fight with my ex-fiance, who had been helping me out with the kids on a probationary basis to see if we could get our relationship back together. He got mad because I asked him to keep up with the maintenance on the car he was driving and gave him until the end of the month to get the repairs done or else the car gets parked. My punishment? No more watching the kids while I work. A gravy job if I do say so myself. Since I work nights, I only needed someone to watch my children sleep.

The even more screwed up part is that these are HIS kids and even his mother refused to help me. I guess when he gets mad, so does his entire family. No more second, or third or forth chances for this bastard. This time I can make it on my own. I am not worried, or afraid of what anyone thinks about this situation. I am moving forward with my head up and my pride intact. I have a lot of work to do. It's a good think that I have a good relationship with my ex-husband.

I had found someone to watch my children the day I had to be at work. My ex-husband could watch them for one day only. My mother was out of town and I needed help for the next two days of work until she returned to town. So I called my boss and asked her if they could sleep in the nursing lounge until the end of my shift. She said no. I asked if I could adjust my hours so I could be home to put my kids on the bus. She said no, but then asked how old my children are. I told her their ages and she said she would watch them. I was shocked. At first I thought to myself, I can't let MY BOSS watch my kids. But then I thought I could get enough attendance penalty points that I could lose my job. That would really suck. So I let her watch them.

At first I thought that she probably didn't want the whole floor to know that she was doing me this favor, so I hid my children in the conference room. But everyone knew that she was doing this for me, so I brought them out of the conference room. Everyone wanted to know how I got her to do it. I didn't do anything special, she just offered to do it. I got the kids bathed, fed them dinner and brought them to work in their pajamas. My boss has two little boys that are toddlers. They are very cute. I thought that it might be too much work. I threatened to kill my kids if the misbehaved, kissed them and sent them on their way.

My boss took my kids to her house. She hung out with my kids. She shared stories of her life and pictures of her travels. She put my kids to bed and when they were scared of the dark, she came in the room and addressed their fears. In the middle of the night! My boss woke them up, fed them breakfast, got them dressed and brought them to my job at the end of my shift. If their clothes were wrinkled from being folded and in their bookbag, she ironed them. I was in tears. She doesn't know anything about me, I didn't even go into details about why I had no one to watch my kids and she jumped in and helped as if I was part of her family. On a voluntary basis for TWO DAYS in a row! I will probably never quit my job.

DiVa... a young nurse who learned a huge lesson about how God works! I still can't believe it.

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