Friday, February 02, 2007

Finally, I am planning a vacation...

The kids and I are taking a vacation. A much deserved break. We are going to an amusement park since I only have a weekend. I am almost excited myself even though there are limited activities for adults. I will enjoy watching the kids have fun. And besides that they had awesome report cards this last marking period. I hope they will forget that I promised them I-pods in exchange for good grades. Not likely.

As far as the job is concerned, I have started looking for other positions at different hospitals. Not because I am seriously going to leave my present position, but because I need to feel like I have value. Also I need to have a feeling of control over my life. Like I have a choice about how I am going to live out my career as a nurse. I have already been on two interviews and one of the hospitals was trying to hire me before I left the unit. I will be accepting a PRN position just to see how the other half lives. You know,to compare and contrast county hospital versus community hospital.

The one position that I interviewed for is as an OR nurse. My primary responsibilities would be to scrub and circulate. My two great loves. It is day shift, 10 hours a day and 4 days a week. I can get any holiday I want because it is not based on seniority. The down point however is that I have no contact with my patients and I do not get to use ANY of my skills. I have worked too hard and I am too good at the skills aspect of my job to give that up and so I will probably pass on that position. The other position is in a labor and delivery unit. Compared to our unit, it is utopia. Everything is brand new and state-of-the-art. It is also night shift, which sucks, either PRN or part-time neither of which is attractive to my current life situation. But since we will be losing our overtime possibilities due to recent new hires, it is a good fit.

I must admit, I do feel more valued having examined my options. And it has increased my confidence at work as well because I have skills that are highly sought after. I am going to stay at this job just because people don't think I can. I guess I am just goofy like that, but I can't let this situation beat me. My clinical decision making skills are improving every day. And as far as making friends and playing nice with others, I don't care about those bitches one way or the other. I mean, if they are doing something and I want to be a part of it I will participate, but otherwise screw 'em!

My bills are getting paid off and my credit is improving by the minute. I am getting my life together, which was the point of me going to school in the first place. I finally feel like I am making some positive strides. Now to get this house cleaned up. I had hired my cousin, who I have written about a few times before to help me get my house cleaned up. I thought I was doing something nice because she has had a few tough breaks in life and I thought that it would be a way of helping her get back on her feet. I thought it would be a nice thing to do because in my life, a few people helped me out when I was down on my luck and so I should give back. I let this bitch in my house for one hour and before I could get her home good, I recovered at least 10 items that she stole from me, and I paid her pretty well. In addition to that, she didn't even finish the job. She wanted to come back and I told her to take a flying leap. Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. She is officially on my shit list. In 2007, the Diva ain't taking shit from NOBODY, never!

DiVa...Finally feeling positive for a change!

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