Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey guys!

I am sitting at home with my kids, listening to love songs from the eighties and nineties. They think that music from my youth is good, which is surprising! They think the videos are hilarious. I think their music is pretty weird, and their videos make me blush. Ah, the generation gap. We are debating what we are going to have for dinner. Kinda hard to think about food when the dog keeps pooping in the dining room.

My kids are the most beautiful gift that I have received in all my life. I have been thinking about it more so since I have been taking care of this patient that is pretty close to my age. She is pregnant and she has a brain tumor. It is pretty scary to imagine that once she delivers her baby and has her tumor removed there is a possibility that she may never see her kids again. And like Anna Nicole, she will have died before her baby son will ever remember the sound of her voice.

Okay, I realize that was a huge downer. So I will talk about some more positive stuff. Like the fact that I am learning that I am more normal than I thought. I talked to my charge nurse about challenges I face on the job and she said some really reassuring things. I decided to turn down some the job offers that were extended to me recently. Mainly because I need to make this job work. I can do it.

I am still planning for our vacation starting this weekend. I am trying to find clothes and swimsuits and such. Then I am deciding what to pack. It's 84 degrees there. I guess I will have to pack just in case. Then I am debating on whether or not I am going to cook while I am there or buy food. I am on vacation. I am not cooking. I am going to relax in a hot tub and enjoy my time off and my family. Then I need to get the oil change. I don't have that much time off, but I've got to make it count. Alright, time to get back to the kids. I hope you guys had a great evening with your families.

DiVa...Lovin' on her babies, because tomorrow isn't promised.

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