Friday, April 20, 2007

Finally, a moment to blog!

It has certainly been a very long time, hasn't it?

I am still a labor and delivery nurse. Somehow I found a way to hang in and make this job work. It's funny, I have almost been a bonafide RN for just about a year and I've come a long way baby.

Since the last time I stopped in to drop a line, a few things have happened. Most importantly, I found my voice. One night a doctor decided that she would dress me down in front of a patient. I waited until we left the patient's room and told the doctor exactly how I felt about her attempt to make me look like a complete idiot in front of the patient. I advised her never to do it again and in the future she should treat nurses the way that she would like to be treated. I guess I surprised the crap out of everyone because for the rest of my shift, no one said anything to me. Not one word. But now, people nurses and doctors alike give me just a little bit more respect than before. Interesting. So all I had to do was act like I was going to kick some butt and people change their tune.

A few of the other new grads have come out of orientation. I realize that there has to be someone to pick on or work just isn't fun. I am glad that it isn't me anymore and also sad that we can't treat each other just a little better. Just a few nights ago, I heard a few of the nurses discussing a new nurses performance and just how stupid they thought the person was and it was at that moment I realized that this must have been the way they talked about me. Hmmm. So they don't particularly care for nurses who are trying to be therapeutic. I guess it can go overboard a bit like begging a patient to move their feet or lift their butt one hour after having their belly sliced open but I can say that I don't blame the patient for not wanting to move in the first place. It is much better appreciated to get a patient out of the unit as quickly as possible.

It is also pretty funny that two of the same people who suggested that I give the unit at least a year have left our unit to pursue new opportunities in other areas of nursing. I am pretty glad that I decided to tough it out. Things are getting a lot better. My kids still don't like it that I have to work so much, but they LOVE being able to do the things that my new job affords us. And they are also looking forward to me buying a new house. Yes. I have been looking at houses and I am working on making an offer. According to my realtor, I could possibly be moving in to my new home in the next two months. The new mortgage is a lot more than the old one. But I will get used to it.

Time to start getting ready for work. I promise to blog more often!

DiVa....quite the nurse extraordinaire!

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