Thursday, May 10, 2007

What am I looking for now?

I was hanging out with my friends yesterday and they are single. Yesterday was almost like summer. It was a warm lazy day. I called off work to hang out with them and see the city. I and all of my friends are single. I have finally pulled myself away from the relationship with my finace and I think I am ready to meet people again.

My one friend is 30 years old and loves what is known as "the thug." The absolute last thing I need is "Mr. Thug" and his pharmceutical sales occupation interfering with my nursing license. When it comes to love, I think that I need to take my time and wait for a nice young man (no older than maybe 45 and no younger than 35) that is a professional and a perfect gentleman. One who likes/has kids and/or a dogs and has something to bring to a relationship besides emotional baggage. He needs to have his OWN car and his OWN place. No mama's boys allowed. I need someone who has hopes, dreams, goals and is willing to contribute to a healthy loving relationship. He has to be able to understand that a DiVa needs a strong but sensitive man who knows when to stand up to the Diva and when to let a DiVa be a DiVa.

I was told that I looked very cute yesterday. I agree. This weekend, after I spend mother's day with my children, I am supposed to attend a male revue. I don't particularly care for these sort of events, but it's a night with the girls, what can I do? Perhaps afterwards, we will go to a greasy spoon and there will be a tall, dark and handsome stranger drinking a cup of coffee. He will see me and have to know more about the DiVa. Hell, not in this city...

DiVa, not really looking at all but wants to have an interesting summer...

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