Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another on bites the dust!

Yet another nurse has quit our fine labor and delivery unit. It is no surprise to me, and in a way I am glad. Of the 10 nurses, oops 11 nurses that quit in the past few months a good number were bitches. Eventually the best nurses will remain. I will just bide my time. Things are getting better for me and at this moment I am just going to wait and see what is in store. The good thing is that the nurse that is leaving is above me in seniority, meaning my name moves up the list. The only thing I need to worry about at this time is gathering the nicer nurses and trying to make our unit more fun so that people below me in seniority will stay. There are still quite a few nurses on the dark side and the attraction is strong. Maybe more nurses on the dark side will quit or cross over to being real helpful nurses to the newbies. It will be our job to re-define team nursing.

It's almost time for the kids to return to school. In a way this makes me sad because I haven't really spent the time with them that I would have liked to and in a way i am glad because they were getting bored and eating me out of house and home and making huge messes. The puppy will miss them terribly. We are planning a 'Back to School' party for the kids in the family. I am one of the sponsors. I am trying to think of some fun stuff for the kids. I hope that the weather will cooperate. My son is still playing football. Yesterday, when I picked him up from practice, he was covered in dirt. I asked him what happened and he said he got tackled. Instantly, visions of him with broken limbs came to mind. Lately we have been hanging out. I talked to his father about giving him manhood training. My son hates good hygiene. I can't understand why he doesn't like to bathe. His Dad really wants to help out. It's about time, he is almost 40 years old! My daughter, is spending the rest of the summer with her grandmother. I can't say that I approve but it is good to get sleep during the day. I bet she will be so big the next time I see her.

Dating has been quite a disappointment. I have resorted to just being alone, which is okay. Guys nowadays are uninspired, of the gentlemen that I have talked to lately the only thing they want to do is have sex. Sex is okay, but I want to have more of a spiritual connection. And besides, a day doesn't go by where I haven't seen a patient in our unit with herpes, trichomoniasis, chlyamidia, bacteria vaginosis or HPV (genital warts). We have also had an occasional case of HIV and Hepatitis C. Not that I plan on having unprotected sex with anyone, just the idea that girls are picking this crap up out there is just plain scary. And they come in with their boyfriends, significant others and sometimes husbands like no big deal. Having an STD and knowing where it came from would piss me off...BIG TIME. So instead of dating a few friends of mine have decided to travel locally and just have fun. You know, like a girls night out.

I went to a Casino this past weekend. It was fun. I didn't make any money because I gambled the $60 that I won and put another $60 with it. I have to learn to quit while I am ahead. This Casino only had slots. I have yet to figure out how I am winning, that is when I win. I just get really excited. Then I lose. I started asking the people sitting next to me how the whole thing works. Basically, I play the one, two, five and ten cent slots. Anything more than that makes me nauseated when I lose. I guess you have to do the max bet every time in order to win money. On a one cent slot that could be as much as 25 cents per bet. But on a dollar slot that could be as much as 5 dollars...not happening! The next time I go, I will not go with people who are afraid to lose money. I am comfortable with losing maybe 100-200 dollars and nothing more.

Speaking of returning to school, I am seriously thinking on getting back into the swing of things. At first I thought that I needed to adjust to working and give myself sometime to find my place. I think soon I will register for classes. We will see and I will keep you posted.

DiVa...getting more proficient at DiVaDom one day at a time!

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