Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I got an A! I think I've found my element...

Yesterday, I turned in my focused exam and I was a bit nervous. The focused exam is kind of like a little report that the doctor/practitioner does when you come in with a complaint. This particular patient had a skin problem. I decided to make it something not so complex because I realize that I don't have the knowledge base to make serious diagnoses yet. This time I sent my paper to the professor ahead of time for some feedback. I received the feedback just before it was due and luckily it only had a few things that needed to be amended. I made the changes and gave the paper to the professor. I said a little prayer because I know who's really in charge. So I went on with the rest of my day.

Yesterday was my day to do my very first female examination. I have had a gynecological exam many times before so I had an idea what was involved. And since I have been an L&D nurse for the past year, I wasn't very uncomfortable touching another women's vagina. (I know that probably sounds weird!) My biggest concern was making sure that I wasn't hurting the model and that my clinical presence was totally professional. The model was so professional. She was educated and understood her anatomy very well. She told us everything we needed to know about how to teach patients as we were performing the exam, how to re-assure a patient it was an amazing experience. She gave us feedback on how we did afterwards, which I thought was a little strange since it was our first time. I received outstanding scores in all areas. I was surprised, well only a little but because I am a DiVa after all!

This morning, when I checked my grade for the focused exam, I found that I had a 99%! I earned that grade this semester. My confidence has returned. My concentration is family practice nursing, but I am finding that I am very strong in women's health, which was what brought me to nursing school to begin with. Maybe I need to think about changing my major. Not, poorness has taught me to be a jack of all trades and master of none. I may double major in women's health. If I decide to deliver babies (add midwivery to women's health) that will have to happen later, mainly because it would add an entire year to my studies.

Right now I am working on a presentation for my health promotion class. I chose to do my presentation on the DASH diet. I had never heard of the DASH diet before, but it is a diet that was designed by the National Institute of Health for persons with high blood pressure. It is supposed to encourage patients to reduce sodium and increase fiber, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is actually a really good diet. I am planning to try it when I get organized.

DiVa ...Almost caught up!

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