Thursday, October 18, 2007

I have never been more happy to have a C!

I finally got a "C" high enough to get me out of failing. If I hadn't changed one of my answers I probably would have gotten a B because I have a 79%! I know that someone is going to challenge a question or two so I am claiming a B. By my calculations, I need to get a 69% on the next two tests to get a C as a final grade. Or an 89% on the next two tests for a B. An A at this point is beyond the realm of possibility. Whatever I have going I will have to keep it up.

The one thing I did different with this test is that I joined another student for study. We met almost everyday last week to listen to recorded lectures and take practice tests. We paid a tutor $80 for four hours of review. When I wasn't at school listening to the lectures with my study buddy I was at home listening. Oh, and I spent the night at school the night before the test preparing my cheat sheet. Our instructor allows us to use a 8 x 11.5 piece of paper to assist us during the test. My sheet had 8 font, but there were some who used 4 font and reading glasses. I wasn't that desperate, but maybe next time.

Spending the night on campus was a really good idea. I didn't have to fight rush hour traffic to get to the test. I feel so much better now. I am not going to wait to get started on this next exam. I also had a meeting with the other instructor whose test I failed and she decided to give me a second chance to attempt the exam. I am so glad they understand that I need a little extra help getting adjusted. I guess it is better to share your frustration than to suffer in silence. In all honesty, I did need a little extra help, especially since I got surprised with this full scholarship and had to quit my job and then my nephew died. In the spam of two weeks my life was turned upside down. It seems that everyone is doing everything in their power to help me be successful. Now I need to hold up to my end of the agreement. Can you believe it, in another year I will be a nurse practitioner! And then a year later Dr. DiVa! I am so amp'd!

DiVa...Dr. DiVa if you're nasty!

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