Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Be careful with oven cleaner!

I was cleaning my oven today and gave myself a chemical burn. I read the directions on the can and thought, I could probably do it without gloves. I was wringing out my dishrag and noticed that my arm was itching and tingling a bit. I looked at my arm and noticed that I had a couple little blisters. I was like "shit!" I washed my arms with dishwashing liquid. I don't even remember getting it on my arm. I was able to stop the advancement of the burn, but I still have a few dots of second degree burns. I hadn't realized that oven cleaner was that caustic!

Welcome to Graduate School
My narrow escape of Academic Probation

School is going much better. I have been doing assignment after assignment and am exhausted. Last week was probably the busiest week of all. I have turned my physiology grade around tremendously. To my amazement, I might have the chance to get a "B" and at this point I would have to get a 54% on the final to fail. That doesn't mean I am going to relax. The final covers three to four different subjects. Preparation for the test requires me to spend at least 12 hours a week outside of the four hour lecture. So that's like a total of 16+ hours.

Then I had a huge presentation that I had to do for my health promotion class. I had to talk to adolescent boys about puberty. I was a little nervous talking about erections and such, so at the last minute I changed my presentation to discuss all changes except reproduction. The boys were pretty attentive during my presentation. And their questions were pretty good ones. For the most part. I hadn't anticipated that the boys were so concerned about nutrition and flatulence. I would have included more information. This health promotion class is probably one of the BEST classes I have taken this semester. The assignments required us to assess our own health habits. I am very lazy and I have an awful diet. I decided to make some changes. I am now on a diet and have hired a personal trainer.

What's up with me...

This personal trainer is pretty good and affordable. She's a little cooky, but I like her. She has spent alot of time helping me get my crap together, I never realized that I was so un-together. At first she wanted me to follow the Beck Diet Solution. But after talking to me and assessing my current living situation, she realized that I am not ready for the Beck Diet. I have to resolve the chaos in my house before I can resolve the chaos in my body. So we meet twice a week at 5am for exercise and counseling. And then one day a week I work out independently on exercise equipment that she can monitor my progress. I would say that she is more of a life coach than a personal trainer. In a way I feel like she is mothering me. It is cool, I need the discipline. I want to stop the chaos in my life.

So we work out and talk about my housekeeping, my eating habits, my defunct love-life and my children. With each work-out, there is a housekeeping assignment. For example, this past Saturday, we worked on the kitchen. I worked out on the equipment and then went home and cleaned out the refrigerator. Then my assignment for Sunday was to re-arrange my cabinets and wash all the dishes. Today, I worked out in the pool and cleaned my stove. I love it. She is helping me to find order. Another big task is to eliminate fast food. I really like fast food, and it is convenient. But I have a goal to lose a huge amount of weight. At first, I wanted to lose 30 pounds a year for the next 3 years. She said that was not aggressive enough, so now I have to lose 20 pounds by January 1st. This is going to be hard as hell since Thanksgiving and Christmas are HUGE food holidays for my family. I hope I like her once the work-outs start to get SERIOUS.

Alright, I should probably get some sleep for tomorrow. I have class at 0830. I really miss visiting my blog. I will be stopping by more often...

DiVa...Only one more month left before the end of the semester!

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