Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thank Jesus they're gone!

This morning I woke up with her standing over me. It was 0647 and my alarm was ringing. She said, "Your alarm clock has been going off for about 10 minutes." I said, "It has only been 2 minutes...tops." (This was not intentional. I wake up at that time to get the kids ready for school.) I turned off the alarm and laid in bed for about 10 or so minutes thinking of a way to get this bitch out of my house without having to fight her. She must have known that her welcome was worn out. I hear my cordless phone dialing. Yes, she is making plans. I got up to go the bathroom and then sat at my little bistro table. I asked her what her plans were for the day. She and I talked about miscellaneous things for about an hour. Mainly, she was crying about having to spend the night in jail because she was out at Kmart shoplifting and got caught. She missed her court date for the incident and her nephew was trying to make sure that bench warrant was activated. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime!

Then at around 8am I say something clever like, "Look, today I need my house to myself. I have studying to do and I need to prepare my household for the coming week. I cannot watch your children and do all the things I need to do. Furthermore, I am not working right now and I cannot afford to feed your children. I have no gas in my car and next week is Thanksgiving. You need to be out at minimum by noon. You may use the phone to make any arrangements that you need to make and I am willing to drop you off where ever you need to go, but you and the kids need to go, TODAY." Like clockwork, this bitch woke up her children, combed her daughter's hair (which looked like a treasure troll), put her wig on and was ready to go by 0830. This bitch had somewhere else to go the whole time. I feel like such a gump. Here I was trying to help her get her shit together, find a new place since she got evicted, etc...and she could have BEEN gone.

I watched every one of those kids get ready to leave, making sure that they took only what was theirs. They all piled into the car and I took them to the projects, where she wanted to be dropped off. She walked up to the buzzer, rang once and then motioned for her kids. They all piled out of my car. They said thank you and goodbye like they were truly grateful. I peeled out of the parking lot and returned home to see my son sleeping peacefully in my bed. I go to the kids room and it smells like "stinky vagina" in there, and the weird thing is that there were only boys in the room. I stripped their beds, washed down the walls and laundered their bed linen. I scrubbed the bathroom down too because it was smelling like "open ass" even with no one in there. Thank God I only used plastic utensils, plates and bowls. I threw all that stuff away. It still feels funky in here. I don't think I'll miss them at all. I certainly won't miss the smell of her wine black & milds in the morning. She just called to ask about some of the houses we looked at this weekend. (Cringe!) I hope she leaves me alone for a while.

DiVa...Must learn how to set boundaries.

By the way, I lost 6 pounds last week. I can't believe it and my personal trainer is the BOMB!

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