Thursday, December 27, 2007

Seasons Greetings!

Xmas has been crazy at my house. The kids were happy with their gifts and I enjoyed my family but I am tired as hell! They were all at my 712 square foot house. Since I don't have the opportunity to clean my house when school is in session, I try to clean my house during breaks. Mind you, my house hasn't been seriously cleaned since 2004 so there are still alot of things that need to be done. Cabinets and closets need to be cleaned, drawers need to be organized. Oh and we can't forget that my daughter's father is getting ready to move out for good! Yes, the administrative decision has been passed down and that no good bastard is supposed to be leaving on January 19th. That works out just fine because my last intensive course is on January 19th. I am debating on whether or not I will allow him to take a vehicle with him. I am leaning towards no because I don't feel like dealing with the drama that ensues when he misses a payment.

I am trying to figure out some arrangements for my children. I know that I won't have coverage for my children either before school or after school. Hell maybe even before and after school! So I plan on getting each one of them cell phones. I will get them ready for school and leave for clinical. Then when it is time for each of them to leave, I will call them on their respective cell phones and give them directions. I might even set their book bags on the front porch the night before so they don't forget them. They will both need house keys. I got a crock pot for Christmas so dinner is out of the way. I also have a coffeemaker coming so I can make plenty of Cuban Coffee! I've been told that anything is possible with Cafe Cubano so I am going to try it out. I am planning to start my new job soon. I am almost excited at the challenge of being able to do this on my own. It has become clearer with each passing day that my live-in jackass has been no help at all.

He threw away the kids birth certificates. Now I have to go downtown and get another copy which will cost me at least $40. I don't have the money to buy new birth certificates, but not only do I need that, I need a copy of their social security cards and shot records. I could kill him. You can't trust a man to clean. I know that now. I unpacked box after box of worthless papers and sales ads mixed with my important papers, shoes, crayons, toys and used tissues. It took almost a week to get things somewhat organized and I am still not even close to done. My downstairs is filled with laundry. I feel like just throwing the clothes away and starting all over. I asked this idiot to clean one room. It was clear that he really didn't care to clean up at all and he did a piss poor job. He has lost all respect for me.

He overflowed the toilet and left the mess in the bathroom for me to clean. But to his surprise, I told him to get in there and clean that mess up. He knew he was wrong and it wasn't the first time. One day he threw up and left it. I told him to clean it because he would never leave vomit on the floor for his mother to clean. He tried to act like it was just a little food on the floor. He knew better, and I know Ms. Linda raised him better than that, of course then again I don't know...? He cooked meals in my kitchen and refused to clean up after himself. I wish he would leave now. I can't even look at him without wanting to kill him. If he continues to not take his medication as prescribed he will certainly die on his own. He has been complaining of the worst headache of his life lately. He says he only takes his medication during the week as it saves him on refills. I won't bother to reiterate the concept of rebound hypertension, (he thinks I sent in box tops for my nursing degree). I took him to the hospital the first time, the next time, when I find his collapsed body in the floor I'll call the ambulance.

Aww, enough about that jerk. I am really happy about the changes that have happened in my life this past year. I conquered a job, was awarded a fellowship, conquered a few courses and regained control of my household. No small feat if I do say so myself. I will return in a few days to plot out goals for next year. Next stop, 2008!

DiVa...Trying not to choke this house full of kids undoing all my hard work!

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