Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I need to silence my inner idiot!

When I worked at the county, I heard many a tall tale. Well I don't know if they were all tales, I imagine some of the stories were true. I have always thought that if more than four people tell the same story, then the story is true. Most of what I was told were a first person accounts so I doubt that what I was told was a rumor. Anyways there was legend of Nurse Evil that circulated on our floor. She was the most cruel of labor and delivery nurses as the story goes. She ate new nurses alive and people shuddered in her wake. She had an entourage. The three nurse team was called "The Trifecta" and when all three of them worked the floor, anyone who was not in the good graces of "The Trifecta" would call in sick. It was because of "The Trifecta" that everyone began the ritual of printing the entire schedule instead of only printing the page that pertains to your hours worked. I only know of this because one of the members of "The Trifecta" told me about it. She wasn't proud because being a member of this elite group almost cost her her job and she didn't want me to report her for being nasty. I digress...

Nurse Evil left just a week before I started and I was told that if she knew me, she would ridicule me because of my unique appearance and sense of style. There was a nurse that worked on the floor that wore her hair in a style that Nurse Evil didn't like and she was able to convince those in her favor to wear a cartoon character sticker on their lab jacket that was supposed to represent this particular nurse's style, (or lack thereof). They said she was insensitive to the patients that were too needy, poor or just plain uneducated and discourteous to their families. Nurse Evil was only PRN, which was surprising. I guess not too surprising since PRN means that you can work whenever you'd like. Nurse Evil sealed her own fate when she was a no call no show, or something like that. It was rumored that she tried to get her job back but the management would never allow it because she created such a hostile work environment.

I have found that working in labor and delivery, it is a small community. There are only so many places you can work before you run into someone, somewhere that knows someone who knows you. I happened to be in the lunchroom and began to ask me if I knew random people from the county. I knew them all, and to my terror I did not know the nurse personally, I only knew of her legend. It was Nurse Evil. Shit! How bad can it be? I work PRN, what are the odds that I would run into Nurse Evil? I received my preceptor assignment for the week and who is my preceptor? Nurse Evil. She was assigned to be my preceptor for a whole freakin' week and I politely asked that it be changed. After I said it, I immediately wanted to take it back. It was risky, but my inner idiot wouldn't let me be quiet. I thought of all the times that I had bad experiences in training and I wanted nothing to distract me from learning. The legend preceded her and there is no way that I would not have been second guessing myself the entire week and she would have said something out of the way and I probably would have quit right on the spot.

But then I thought about it some more and I realized how immature and silly I am. I am judging a person based on unsubstantiated gossip. I never even met her and I let a story scare me into missing out on a potentially rich learning opportunity. This makes me just as bad as the people who kept the legend going. Nurse Evil, I am issuing you an apology. What if she has changed? Or found God? I work three days a month for crying out loud! What if the manager of training goes back and tells her that I requested another preceptor? She asked me why and I told her that I knew of Nurse Evil from my previous job and that one of my colleagues had a negative experience with her while in training. I went on to say that I felt I would be distracted from from learning the job properly. I think my reasons have merit and at least I didn't repeat the WHOLE legend. Ahh screw it, it's better to be safe than sorry, and besides if I had agreed to be trained by Nurse Evil and it was going bad, I would have been stuck for the whole week. Whatever, it's done now. I should be glad, that is if they could find someone else to train me. I don't know if I have escaped the gauntlet. I need to grow the hell up...

DiVa...I can do ANYTHING three days a month!

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