Friday, January 04, 2008

The one that got away...

There is a resolution that I should have added..."Be on time, DiVa!"

I cannot be on time. It doesn't seem to matter how early I wake up, if I lay my clothes out the night before, Hell, if I slept in the car I would STILL be late! Why can't I make it anywhere on time? I am late to school. I want to be on time, but I live 45 minutes away from school. My kids have to be at school by 8am and most of my classes start at 9am. If I run into a traffic jam on the way to the University, I am definitely going to be late which is totally beyond my control. My family knows that if they are waiting for me to show up somewhere, I will be there 1/2 hour later than the time I am supposed to be there. Will I like it when I am a clinician and my patients are late? Or a professor and my students are late? Probably not. I am really going to have to work a bit harder to be on time. I am so inconsiderate of others. (This is a HUGE area of opportunity for me.)

And as of late I can't sleep. I am tired, but I can't sleep at night. During class is when I get sleepy. That is so BAD! I really need to get my shit together because it is such an insult to my instructor to be sitting in class nodding. Usually it is after lunch break that this phenomenon occurs. I even tried to stand up because I could not stay alert. Then I thought maybe if I participated in class I would do better with the awake thing, but I can't even put my thoughts together properly because my mind is tired. I guess one could say that as much tuition costs for a graduate program, it is an insult to me that the course content should be engaging to say the least. But in saying that I am justifying my inability to stay awake, which is RUDE! I am going to be a teacher one day. I will want to KILL someone for falling asleep in my class, especially if I spent time and effort putting together materials. Tonight I am going to make my best effort to get to bed at least by 11pm. (Not so worried about this issue as I think it is situational.)

As far as school goes, all of my books have arrived. Next semester is gonna be GREAT, however, this intensive class is kicking my butt a little, (nothing like the Advanced Physiology). We are cramming a 12 week class into 5 days. My mind is still on Christmas break. This is a class on nursing research and nursing theories. Very dry content. I am currently developing a paper and a group presentation, both of which I need to get started on soon. Our theorist is one of the hardest to find current research development on. The theory is so complete that no one can add anything to it to expand the research. We cannot find any current journals articles that reviews or revises the theory. In a way that is a compliment to the body of work. Not good for the presentation though. And the research area is so narrow, it will be a challenge to apply the theory to nursing practice. But the DiVa will make it happen. It's what I do...

At least I don't have this sinus infection draining all of my energy anymore. Breathing through the nose is an underrated experience! Now that I can breathe through my nose it is like all of my creative energy has been restored.

Well, might as well get started on the projects.

Ta-ta for now!

DiVa...Gonna get herself together for the last few days of her intensive!

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