Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Will I ever have a life...again?

I am so crazy. By the time I finish this doctorate, I will have spent a total of almost seven continuous years in school. And now I've added a job to the equation, what quality of life will I have? What made me think I would be able to do graduate school full-time and work three days a month and do 20 hours of clinical a week and have clean clothes for three people and prepare home-cooked meals and mother my children and maintain a sane mind all at the same time? I mean it can be done, but I don't know if I am the DiVa to do it. I manage to keep a smile on my face and a bounce in my step but damn, damn, damn am I tired.

Between pharm class, clinical, my theory paper and Adult health lecture one question remains...Will I have time to watch American Idol? It is my comic relief, until the real competition starts. I absolutely HAVE to make time for American Idol. It will probably be the only thing that I get to do that is unrelated to nursing, besides my regular activities of daily living.

I bought myself a PDA as a Christmas gift. At first I thought it was a total waste of money. It was on sale for $199 and I thought what the heck, why not? I am so glad I did because all of my classes and clinical require it, mainly for Epocrates. I'll have to keep you posted on whether or not it was a worthwhile purchase. It seems that every APN I've run into this semester says they don't know how they ever made it without a PDA. We'll see...

Well, got to get ready for the old am routine. As far as my resolutions go I have been pretty close to on target. I am planning to start the flylady thing in February.

DiVa...Has an 11pm bedtime but my inner perfectionist won't let me go to bed without everything done!

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