Wednesday, February 06, 2008

He's Gone...for good this time!

This past week has been a very busy week for me. I have been working. I am still in orientation for a few weeks. Well I should say for a few more days. Things are going well at work. I am starting to learn the flow of my shift and how to manage my patient care on DiVa terms. I am so proud of myself. But then calamity struck.

My refrigerator broke and I lost at least $200 worth of food. I have had that refrigerator since my daughter was two and here it is almost seven years later and I am buying a new refrigerator. According to the sales guy a refrigerator is supposed to last 12-15 years. It was an open box item that never really worked well but had no warranty. This time is the first time I have ever bought a brand new refrigerator that no one else has used first. It's an LG refrigerator. Here it is...
So far it is very nice. I have been trying to clean up and make the kitchen seem like a warm inviting place. There really isn't anything wrong with my stove, but since I don't want to deal with any more broke down appliances I bought a new stove too! It won't be here until later this month. It's a Maytag Gemini. Here's a photo... I have a feeling that these appliances will be cute until the bill comes...

Speaking of broken down things, my dude (my daughter's father) moved out last week. It was a spur of the moment sort of thing. I woke up Friday morning with a refrigerator full of melted and spoiling food. I came into the bedroom to wake up my dude and he said some crap like, I am not really listening to you because I am not fully awake. I thought to myself, "Ain't that some shit?" I explained to him the situation with the refrigerator and (long story short) he got smart with me and accused me of taking my frustrations out on him. So he says some crap like I don't have time to sit down and discuss the refrigerator problem because I am going to be late to work. Hmmm...would he have even been awake for work had I not come into the bedroom? Most days he arrives at work whenever he feels like it.

So then he says that the only reason why he was here in the first place was because I asked him to help out. Then I reminded him that he was doing a piss poor job of helping out. He has NO MONEY, except when he wants to buy video games, action figures or movies. When he messes up the money he expects me to fix everything. I worked overtime so I would be able to do SOME of the things that I like to do and instead of going shopping or getting a pedicure, I end up paying the bills that he was supposed to pay. I told him, he can't be faulted because I was the fool that sat up and let him do that dumb shit, but today would be a new day.

He said I am out of here. That was cool with me. I told him not to let the door hit him in the ass, but he should take care to leave my second car. I decided not to let him take the car because he is NOT going to pay for it. He was really pissed, but he tried not to show it. He said, "Is this how it is?" "So ,you are throwing down the gaunlet, huh?" He tried to make a call to his job and I said, "Oh no my brother, not on my phone." He had a lot of freakin' nerve. First he was going to stand in my floor and tell me about myself, call me out of my name, take my car and use my phone? He had lost his damn mind. In the middle of my argument with him, my sister and niece walked into my house. He said he was going across the street. I left to run some errands. While I was gone, he gathered his X-Box and movie collection and left. He will be returning for the remainder of his belongings this weekend.

Since he has been gone, I have felt so energized. I have been able to focus better on school and the kids. My family has returned as a source of support. My mother and sister have been over almost everyday. My son's father, who is generally a HUGE help just had a new baby with one of his hoodrat girlfriends. I tried to tell him that was coming. I am not bitter about the whole baby thing. I really hope that he will be able to be a part of his new son's life in ways that he could not be in our son's life. At the same time, he doesn't need to expect me to help him financially support this kid. He better not short my baby, either. The positive to all this is that I am getting better with my confidence level and that my children are learning to contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of our home. For the first time in a long time, I feel like everything is going to be okay.

DiVa...walking the walk and talking the talk of a empowered woman!


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Copy the link, paste it in your url thingy (whatever the term is for it), and look at the pic - its the wallpaper on my computer.

Very much fitting.