Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm gonna kill that boy...

Things are going okay. The men of my life are actually cooperating with each other, (amazingly) and my daughter's father came to pick up both kids at around 4pm. He was going to meet my son's father so he didn't have to drive 45 miles to come and get him. Very nice, except my son was not home yet and he missed his ride. Not cool. I know he was taking a different walk home from school besides the dangerous way I told him he could not go anymore and I figured that was why it was taking a longer time for him to get home. 5pm rolls around, no son. At 6pm I decide to start looking for him.

I went to his friends' house and they told me that they hadn't seen him since after school. Where does a 13 year old boy go after school for 4 hours? From 6pm to almost 8pm I was canvasing the neighborhood looking for my son. No one knew where he was. His sister didn't have any ideas that panned out. I went to his "so-called girlfriend's" house, I stopped by every group of kids in the neighborhood that was outside playing and asked if they had seen my son, no one had seen him. I went from the north side of town to the south side of town looking for this boy. I got frustrated and went to the police department and placed a missing person's report. I got tired of waiting for a cop to come and wait on me and left to go look some more. I was losing daylight and I wanted to find him myself. I went to my mother's house, she hadn't seen him. She started asking me if he was depressed and if he had money. I did not want to think that way, I had to hurry up and get out of her house. I went back home and checked again, no one home.

By this time, I had called and cussed out both my son's father and my daughter's father. Surprisingly, I did not feel better afterwards. Everyone in my small town had started looking for him. His Dad's friends were looking for him. My daughter's father was on his way out here to help me look. My Dad was helping me look. My sister called the mall and had him paged. One of the kid's Mom's had all the boys' phone numbers. I felt like an idiot, I knew nothing and I was freaking out. Back to the police station. They give me a form to fill out that gives them permission to arrest him if they find him and they took a description. I was on my way home to get a picture of my son for the officer when the cell phone rang. It was my mother. She said, "I was on the computer and this MySpace icon came up and said he is online. How do I respond to him?" I knew he was at home.

When I opened the door, he looked at me and said "Hey, where have you been?" Funny he should ask. I was so mad at him. I called the police station to call off the search. I called everyone and thanked them for helping me look for him. I had to get that boy out of the house. His father arrived shortly after I found him and they went off to his house for the weekend. For about 15 minutes, I thought for sure he was dead. Especially when the officer started asking me about his dental records. I started wondering if he was using drugs or having sex. We are very close and we talk about everything. Why couldn't I pin down his were abouts? Where was he?

The whole time my son claimed to be at an after school basketball game that he swears he told me about. He mentioned that he wanted to stay after school and play basketball, but he neglected to tell me that he was going on Friday. None of his friends were at this basketball game, just him, two other students and a teacher. He swore that his friends knew where he was. I don't understand why he would walk all the way home and then turn around and go back to the school. Somebody is lying. Needless to say, he is not allowed to stay after school any more. And I have to get this kid a cell phone. The punishment will have to wait until he returns home. I need to take some time to think. I also might need to hire a person to look after them for the 2 hours after school that I am not here. Silly, but he can't be trusted.

DiVa...I don't like teenagers!

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