Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break is over!

At the moment I am enjoying my last few moments of solitude before my children come blasting through the door. I am happy that they are coming home, but at the same time a bit sad that I am losing the special time that I have had since they have been away. In the time they have been gone I haven't cooked any meals or washed any school uniforms, (shame on me!) I have slept at my leisure and walked around in nothing but my underwear. The phone hasn't been ringing off the hook. It has been really great. I have so much catching up to do with the kids.

My son called me Saturday night because his Dad decided to go out on the town and leave him at home with his rarely sober, former convict and recently devout Jehovah's Witness sister. When she gets drunk, she becomes very critical and mildly violent. She came up from her basement apartment to chastise my son for cheating at Monopoly. She didn't hit him, but he felt like she might start yelling at him and God only knows what that could lead to. My maternal instincts directed me to get my son and bring him back home. My son wanted me to do something, but he did not want to come home. So I called my ex-husband and interrupted his "party" and of course this was not to his pleasing. I have made the administrative decision to make my son stay home for a while.

My daughter spent the entire Spring Break with her Grandmother. I haven't spoken to her Grandmother for pretty close to a year because she was upset with me for making some disparaging remarks about her son, (my daughter's father) after which she made distasteful comments about my upbringing. Basically, she did not want to accept the fact that her son misappropriated our finances and instead of being accountable for his mistakes he wanted to move back home. She claimed that she wasn't getting involved, but I advised her that letting him come back home and hide from his problems was getting involved. She felt that I should just work the overtime to make up the lost money and get over myself. Needless to say, he's back living with his mother as we speak and she couldn't be happier to have her man back! The whole time my daughter was gone she might have talked to me twice. I was a little hurt because I thought we were closer than that.

The dog is so bored. We have spent a little bit of quality time together. On Thursday he gets altered and gets a few of his baby teeth extracted. I was told by the vet assistant that the surgery will make him a much happier boy. Is that really all it takes?

DiVa...all studied out!

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