Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall, it's a good thing!

The leaves are changing. I took a walk yesterday to clear my mind. It was beautiful to smell the crisp Autumn air.

Yesterday, I had to go on campus to perform an interdisciplinary exercise with other students from the medical, dental and social work program at our university. The goal of the exercise was to learn how to work as a group to care for patients who need end of life care. It was insightful. People have no idea how the other side lives. One of the medical students asked the dental student if they had dental nurses. That was kind of funny! The amazing part was that the person who asked that question had braces, which tells me that she has at least been to a dentist's office in some capacity. None of them really had any idea what a social worker does.

So we had a mock family meeting to help the 'actress' decide to put her 89 y/o father on DNR/CC code status. What is even more amazing, is that it seemed to me that none of them knew what a do not resuscitate order meant. Come on you guys! We are the future of health care for crying out loud. I was shocked. We are talking about 4th year medical students and 3rd year residents. I felt like an expert and they agreed because they made me the group spokesperson for the exercise. Many of the other students did not realize that hospice has an option for home care. Thank God this activity counted as clinical hours, I wish I could have gotten paid...



yogini ninja mama said...

hi there :).

i'm a young single mom also, and i've recently decided that i want to be a nurse (after overcoming a lot of negative selftalk).

i just wanted to drop you a little note and say that i've enjoyed going back through your blog posts and reading about your journey. you are an inspiration to me, i hope you're proud of yourself :).

- yogini ninja mama

B. Hargette said...

You better do it Diva!