Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pinning Ceremony...coming soon to a DiVa near you!

About 2 weeks ago I signed up for my pinning ceremony. I have decided that this go round I would let my mother and my sister pin me. My mother has this ridiculously low self-esteem. It's like she wants me to 'beg' her to pin me. Dude, you complain that no one cares about you and then I invite you to pin me and you say, "why don't you let you Ex-dude pin you?" I wish I would let that bastard pin me. My sister is having a pretty tough time right now too. I thought it might give her a boost. But the only thing she can seem to do is ask me if I can freakin' babysit. I am so tempted to just say forget it and pin myself. Those two women know how to suck the joy out of anything! I should let one of my readers pin me. Any takers?

Despite all of their drama, I am still quite amp'd about my impending graduation. In May, I will be attending Graduation part 1 of 2. I will be finishing the master's at the end of December, but have elected to walk across the stage in May. Yay me! I never imagined that I would have ANY degree let alone a master's degree or even a doctorate. Dr. DiVa...I still can't see it yet. In the Spring, I start plugging away at my doctoral coursework. I think I might have stumbled upon something I want to study for my project. I think it might be HIV peer counseling. I found this topic while working on a paper for my Health Care Policy class. I have no idea how that I will work that out, but it should prove to be very interesting to say the least.

I think I am pretty glad that I decided to choose Family Practice as my specialty. For a couple of reasons...

1.) I will always be able to find a job
2.) I can work in nearly ANY area of primary care
3.) I will never be bored (hopefully)
4.) When I decide to walk the earth and do good ('peace corps' or 'doctors without borders') I will have the skills to make a meaningful contribution to the areas being served.

There is probably only one disadvantage, everybody seems to think I can cure them. One of my family members asked me to do a pelvic. No thanks, I think I'll pass. Lol!

DiVa...Pelvic exams on family members, definitely doing too much!