Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Who is that amazing chic in the mirror?

Since the summer I have been trying to lose a bit of weight. I have successfully lost around 30 pounds, (not counting what I have regained from Thanksgiving, lol). I am excited because it has been very nice being able to fit clothes that I never realized were really too small in the first place. I am also experiencing the pleasure of buying clothes in a smaller size. But the most amazing revelation I had was on Saturday morning.

After a night of binge drinking I awoke the next morning to find myself completely naked in the arms of a former flame. I have no regrets about that, well maybe one or two but I think that is a different blog post. I crawled out of the bed with a slight headache (or should I say hangover) and a deep sense of satisfaction. As I was headed to the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of a lady passing by the mirror on the dresser. She was chubby, but curvy. I was so impressed that I stopped to take a good long look.

Soft, supple, golden brown skin with a few strategically placed stretch marks covered her ample frame. Obviously, this woman has had a few babies, but despite that fact her breasts have maintained their shape and are still somewhat perky. Her upper abs were beginning to take form and following them to her lower abdomen, there is one moderately sized roll of flesh begins just above her belly button and rests gently on her shapely hips. Moving down from the hips, her thighs were slightly dimpled on the back side of her legs, but the front of her thighs and calves were toned, as though she might have been a cheerleader or an athlete at one point in time.

Her arms are warm and inviting. Very nice shoulders, I thought. Her eyes were smiling although there were waves of disbelief and wonder splashing across her face. As she started to smile at me, it was infectious. So much so that I started to smile back and it was in that moment I realized that the beautiful woman I was admiring was me!

DiVa...Learning to love herself again!